Looks to googd to be true testimony


I should have listened to my head instead of my heart. Too good to be true? Yep. I was pulled right in. “He” knew what to say and how to say it. He found my vulnerabilities and used them to the max. I have always prided myself on being too smart for this type of game. I knew better. He used God, children, a deceased wife, and sick friends and hospital bills to weigh on my humanity. I had just lost my second parent within 6 months of the other. I trusted this – what is he? – vulture, needed what he had to offer. I tested him, questioned him, argued with him. He knew all of the angles. He knew all of the magic words. When he sensed an “attack on his integrity” he found a way to make me feel guilty. Of course I would appologize, for doubting him, for questioning him, for questioning what God, Himself, wanted for us. And, unfortunately, he worked on my daughters as well, to get them to talk me into trusting him and his love for me again. He even gave one daughter’s contact information to another artist. Now I have fear for their safety. He knows of my grandchildren, used them on me. Yes, I am afraid now of what can happen. He has so much information about me. I don’t know what he is capable of. I went through 3,433 photos of men on the scam artist list and found where the photos used by my scam artist had 5 other names. I wish I could be heard and advise women that when they become interested in someone who has contacted them, or who appear interesting on their my-space responses, check the scam list FIRST, before responding. When I went through all of these photos I found 3 others who had contacted me, but I had blocked them because I was “in a relationship” with “Mike”. There are not enough warnings, there are not enough T.V. shows about the subject, there is not enough being done to stop this feeding frenzy on women (and men) who only want to be loved, who want to matter to someone special, to feel special themselves, who want to believe they can make a difference in someone’s life. I will forever be sorry for falling into this trap. I will be, for who knows how long, afraid of what will happen now, for stopping this scammer’s effect on my life. If anyone was to ask, I would freely assist in any way I could to help stop these scum-bags.

Linda, WA

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