Grandpa finds wife engaging in sex with another man, hangs self


A Bulilima man (58) allegedly hanged himself in his bedroom hut after he found his wife (50) engaging in sex with another man in a bush.

Chief Madlambuzi said Emson Khupe of Mpoyi Village reportedly found his wife, Ms Julia Moyo, with an unidentified man three days before he ended his life.

He said Khupe was found hanging from the roof of his bedroom hut by his 18-year-old daughter on Friday afternoon.

“There is a report of a man from my area who was found hanging in his bedroom hut. It appears that he caught his wife in the act with another man in the bush and he ended his life three days later,” said Chief Madlambuzi.

The area’s village head, Mr Butshilo Mpoyi, said on the day he committed suicide, Khupe woke up early in the morning and went to work in the fields with his wife and two daughters.

He said Khupe left his family in the fields at around 11AM and headed home to eat.

Mr Mpoyi said Khupe was supposed to return to the fields after eating but he did not turn up until his family went back home.

“Khupe left his family in the fields and when they got home they realised that he hadn’t eaten his food which was still in the kitchen hut. His youngest daughter went to check on her father in his bedroom hut.

“She found him hanging from the roof. She started screaming and alerted her mother and sister,” said Mr Mpoyi.

He said Khupe was suspected to have taken his own life over his wife’s cheating.

“Khupe heard that his wife was having an extra- marital affair and on the day that he caught her he decided to follow her while she went into the bush to collect firewood.

“That was when he caught his wife in the act while in the bushes. The man is suspected to be a local villager but he ran away when he saw Khupe and Ms Moyo refused to disclose his identify to her husband fearing that he would attack him,” said Mr Mpoyi.

He said Khupe and his wife were continuously fighting over the matter until he died.

Mr Mpoyi said villagers were disturbed that Ms Moyo would cheat at her age.

He said it was saddening that Khupe decided to end his life over the matter.



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