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I am in a painful position with my daughter LaToya and her no good husband Greg. When they first got together back in 2016 I thought he was a really nice young man for her but months later it seems things went left. Greg started lying to her excessively and I started to question a lot about who he was or what he was doing to my daughter. I come to find out he was abusing her and talking negatively about me to begin his destructive ways to manipulate her. He has kept my daughter away from me for months at a time. My daughter LaToya doesn’t deserve this treatment from a man who is supposed to be her husband. He has lied to her repeatedly, got them evicted out of a apartment, stolen over $100,000+ out her bank accounts, destroyed her credit score, ran up her credit cards to over $80,000+, pawned her wedding ring and band to gamble at the casino, took out two car loans in her name and got them taken in less than a year, emotionally and physically abused her and has fractured her ribs. I told him if he puts his hands on her again I would drive to Maryland and shoot him dead. He has reiterated his lies about his family upbringing and has even denied his son with my daughter LaToya. He doesn’t help her take care of my grandson and always away from the house doing God knows what. As a mother I am concerned about my daughter and grandson (Matthew) and I can’t take any more of this foolishness. My daughter will be filing from divorce and leaving him with everything in my power. At 33, Greg is just is graduating from college and my daughter probably paid his tuition to get his degree. He has sucked every darn dime out of my daughter he could. He is a heartless man who is very selfish and only thinks about himself. My daughter Latoya is very educated, well respected and doesn’t deserve a loser like Greg as her husband. I have found multiple accusations across the internet from sites and other women saying he was a shady business man and con-artist. He has even stolen things from my home my husband and I don’t trust him. My grandson doesn’t deserve this piece of nothing as a father and I hope my daughter wakes up before it is too late. Greg’s own mother (Vicky) has claimed some things about him I discover were true. He has bill collectors call my house and my other children’s houses several times. As a frustrated Mother I couldn’t stay silent any longer everyone needs to know about this man. My daughter calls me crying once a week since she has met him in 2016 nonstop. I am sick of it and I hope this prevents him from doing this to another woman once my daughter divorces his no good behind. Currently he has been arrested and locked in Delaware Department of Corrections under a different name we don’t know the charges as of yet. I hope my daughter leaves him this time LaToya can do better than him. My grandson deserves more and I hope she finds another man who will step up to the plate and help her raise him. All I want for Christmas is for my daughter LaToya to file for divorce/separation from Greg that would be the best finish to this awful 2017 year. Please keep my daughter, grandson and family in your prayers at this difficult time.

– Mrs. V. Murphy