Greg Hewat


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:RealWorld20 ________________________________________ • 49 year old man • Richmond Hill ON, CAN • Seeking women 48-58 within 5 miles of Richmond Hill, ON • • • • our history _______________________

Scammer’s Country: Other Africa

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Hi baby, how was your day? I sent you a text a while ago, you must be very busy I guess..I LOVE U” from the bottom of my heart and Yes baby I’m coming home to you soonest..We’ve been working continuou

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This guy is very good. He speaks good English with an accent that appears to be a blend of Australian, South African & Eastern European. He claims to be from Sydney, a real estate professional who h

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Hey dear, this is really too much for me right now, I had received an email from BC at noon, i didn’t check on my email until after my meeting at 3o’clock, I did traveled down to Vancouver for my firs

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