Hair Raising Findings Reveal 3 Out Of 5 Malaysian Women Will Reject Men With Thinning Hair


Males suffering from thinning hair are more likely to be rejected on online dating applications compared to any other men.

A recent survey conducted by one of the fastest growing online dating application in Southeast Asia Paktor has found that three out of five Malaysian women consider thinning hair in men is a big turn-off for them when it comes to online dating.

The survey includes responses from 1,264 Malaysians who list down balding as one of the worse traits on a romantic partner behind bad breath and body odour, which goes to say how much emphasis women place on the state of a man’s hair as a dating partner.

Paktor CEO and Co-founder Joseph Phua said, “In the sphere of online dating, when first impressions truly matter, people inevitably make judgement based on the initial visual impression.

“These results go to show that many women are attracted by men with a full head of hair, which historically has been related to virility and youth.”

In addition to that, another survey by Nielsen reveals that men who suffer from hair loss also experienced a series of other negative impacts when it comes to dating, citing that the problem has led to some psychological effects on some men.

The Nielsen survey, which was funded by hair care products company Alpecin which entered the local Malaysian retail scene in 2015, reveals that over 81% of the survey respondents agree that having a full head of hair makes them feel more confident.

On the other hand, 39% of the respondents have confirmed that thinning hair negatively affected them greatly when it comes to being popular amongst women.

47% of the men polled agreed on the stance that hair loss has made them less desirable while 57% has admitted to being envious of their fuller haired peers.

It seems that personality and charms are not enough to satisfy the ladies these days, men.



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