Hairdresser, 26, ‘who deliberately infected four lovers with HIV after meeting via gay dating app Grindr refused treatment to stop passing it on’


A Scots hairdresser accused of infecting a string of lovers with HIV in a ‘deliberate and cynical campaign’ turned down treatment to stop spreading it, a court heard today.

Daryll Rowe, 29, allegedly spurned offers of help after contracting the virus and sleeping with at least ten men he met on gay dating app Grindr.

In each case he either refused to wear a condom or ‘sabotaged’ it before having sex. Four of the men became infected with HIV.

He is also accused of sending mocking and abusive texts in the aftermath including one that he allegedly sent saying: ‘Maybe you have the fever cos I came inside you and I have HIV, lol. Whoops!’


Rowe, 26, is on trial at Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, charged with four counts of causing grievous bodily harm and six counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

The hairdresser, who is originally from Edinburgh, denies all the charges.

Today a doctor who treated him at a sexual health clinic in the Scottish capital confirmed he turned down vaccinations for other illnesses and treatments which could manage his HIV infection and help prevent passing it on.

Dr Sally Weilding from the Chalmers Centre said she explained to Mr Rowe there was treatment available for him and medication which could prevent him passing on the virus including a drug described as a morning after pill for HIV.

Dr Weilding said he declined treatment and failed to keep subsequent appointments at the clinic.

The court heard Mr Rowe visited the clinic after finding out his partner of a year had been having unprotected sex with another man.

In April 2015 blood tests showed he was in the early stages of infection by the HIV virus.

Sexual health nurse Laura Ellis from the Chalmers Centre in Edinburgh went through details of treatment for HIV and how to protect other sexual partners from the virus.

Mr Rowe failed to attend further follow-up appointments at the clinic in September and October, 2015.


The court heard, Mr Rowe grew up in care and foster homes eventually settling with one family.

Wearing a blue suit and tie, Daryll Rowe sat impassively through the second day of his trial.

He denies ten counts of GBH with intent and attempted GBH with intent.

The trial at Lewes Crown Court continues.