Haley Nolan Mississauga, Canada

I had just had two babies in 14 months! We have 4 kids altogether. I’ve been feeling really down. My body was so changed by the back to back pregnancies and I thought my suspicions were just my insecurities.

Everyone thinks he’s the greatest guy in the world, that he loves me to pieces and worships me. I thought so too…until…

We were getting the house ready to sell. I was helping him with drywall. He asked me to get a screw driver. He was home from work on a day that he’s normally in. I reached for the screw driver and his phone lit up with a message. “You’re worse than Tilley, you know that, right?”

I saw initials instead of a name (RED FLAG). Then right after, she sent another one; “I think when I get back to work on Thursday this has to stop. For good.”

Well then I knew! So, I asked him and of course he turns into a babbling idiot, trying to come up with a story. “It’s just work, it’s just work”

So, I reply to the text “call me real quick”. She says “like call you call you?”, I said “ya”…

Sure enough, she calls right away. Imagine her surprise to hear my voice! “Hi Haley! Haley Nolan from work”, she says “Hi”. “So, Haley from work, can you tell me what needs to stop on Thursday?” She says “nothing”. I say “that’s bullshit. Tell me what’s going on” she says “I think you need to talk to your husband about that” I said “I’m f****** talking to you right now. What’s going on?” She said “it’s just flirting”, I said “you’re f****** around with a married man? You know he has kids, right?” She says “I know that’s why I’m stopping it”. I said “So, while I’m at home taking care of his 4 kids, you’re slutting it up with him at work? How long had this been going on?! ” she says “like 2 weeks” (idiot young chick who says like way too much”. I say are you f****** him and she hangs up.

So, I found her on ig and tagged her in some pictures of our kids so she could see their faces. Then I found her boyfriend, a really nice guy who never saw this coming. I sent him a message with screen shots of their texts.

I still don’t have all the answers I need. But I do know she’s screwed around with another married man at their work as well as with my husband. She is young and has no moral standards and some serious daddy issues since she’s chasing much older married men!

I don’t know if we’ll recover from this. She needs to stop destroying families!

Look at that hideous gremlin face!



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5 thoughts on “Haley Nolan Mississauga, Canada

  1. yo

    I would like to nominate you and Mr Ho Most Likely to Get Herpes.

  2. Ronnie macc

    Meth head I don’t think so….pretty generic comment! REMEMBER 2 WRONGS DONT MAKE IT RIGHT BUT SURE MAKES EVEN! sure make me pretty in Canada

  3. One Man Who Never Cheated, Never Will

    She looks like yet another methwh0re.

  4. Sandy

    Don ho ? It should read ass ho! Have you ever been on “he’s a homewrecker”? Sounds like you’d stick your d*** in anything alive or dead.

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