This is what happened when an Asian man and a white man switched Grindr profiles


When does preference turn into discrimination?

In the latest instalment to their online series, What’s the Flip?, Grindr has delved into the online dating profiles with some rather interesting results.

In the video, a white guy and an Asian guy both let each other run their Grindr profile for 24 hours, messaging guys and receiving pictures and propositions via the gay dating app.

The boys later compare the number of messages and the reaction to their profiles – including the stereotypes they’ve faced.

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The Asian guys profile received racist remarks and incorrect racial stereotypes, while the white guys profile showed the almost immediate sending of naked photos and suggestions of meeting up.

“When I hear the term ‘rice queen’, I immediately roll my eyes,” explains one guy.

Host Billy Francesca also took to the streets to ask members of the public about their experiences of prejudice dating attitudes – questioning if there’s any harm in having a ‘preference’.

“If you’re attracted to a certain race specifically, that is some sort of discrimination,” explains one guy. Another added of his experiences online: “I’ll get a lot of guys wanting the black fantasy. They’ll have a whole thing going on.”