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After not receiving a rose on his date with Elly Miles, Harry Harris may have confirmed that he doesn’t make it all the way on The Bachelorette.

Harry and Elly realised they probably weren’t too compatible after she realised they had a huge age-gap.

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Now, the 35-year-old former House Rules star was spotted on Tinder.

After sharing a photo of himself on the show on Instagram, a fan commented that they saw the reality star on the dating app.

“Saw you on Tinder. Clearly you don’t win,” read the comment.

Instead of letting the comment go and ignoring it, Harry went on to ‘like’ the comment instead.

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It’s not entirely surprising that he won’t make it all the way on the show.

After winning the Country Rose during the first episode, he was pegged to be a big threat. However, after his first date with Elly, he narrowly avoided elimination when she realised he was not a good match for her.

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On their one-on-one, Harry told Elly that he has a son, and while it didn’t concern the Bachelorette that he is a father, she questioned him about other aspects of his life.

“I’ve got no issues with having a partner who has their own child.

“But I am only 25 years old and it does make me wonder a little bit about our 10-year age gap,” she told the producers.

The blonde then asked if he would still want to go travelling, and he said: “Not really. I’ve done all that.”

Elly told him: “I’m just not too sure whether we’re gonna line up. Like, I don’t know whether you’re a bit ahead of me.”

While he managed to pull a rose last minute during the rose ceremony, sending Jake Ricciardo home, their future doesn’t look bright.

Harry shares a five-year-old son, Xavier, with his ex Kate Whiting.

You may recognise both from the Channel 7 show House Rules, where they starred together in 2017.

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They called time on their relationship in 2018, after nine years together.

On House Rules, the couple made it all the way to the grand final, however missed out on the winning prize of $200,000 to Aaron and Daniella Winter.

At the time of their split, Kate said the couple – who were known for having fiery arguments on the show – would remain “great friends” and now co-parent Xavier who is their “number one priority”.

“It is with great sadness we share that Harry and I are no longer together,” Kate wrote on Instagram.

“Over the last few months we have been making this transition process as smooth as possible for our little man,” Kate continued.

“We are both committed to co-parenting Xave, with his wellbeing as our number one priority.”

She also told Adelaide’s The Advertiser: “We’ve been working on our relationship for a while – it’s not something we gave up on. We just drifted apart. That happens sometimes I think, especially when you get together at such a young age.”

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