Hartford Man Charged With Raping Coworker In Manchester


MANCHESTER — Police arrested a Hartford man Wednesday and charged him with raping a co-worker in 2013.

Eric Williams, 53, of 204 Collins St., was charged with first-degree sexual assault and first-degree unlawful restraint.

Police said the victim reported on Sept. 22 last year that a coworker at the retirement home where she worked had raped her in December 2013. She told police she “didn’t want to tell anyone after the assault because she didn’t want to burden anyone with her problems,” the warrant says. The warrant does not say why the woman decided to come forward.

The name of the retirement home was redacted from the warrant, but police said both Williams and the woman worked in the kitchen. Administrators allowed employees to stay in unoccupied rooms during bad weather, and the victim said there was a snowstorm the day the assault occurred. She said she went up to a room after Williams invited her to a party, police said. The two were alone in the room, and the woman told police that Williams forced her onto a bed, pulled her pants down and raped her.

Williams arrived at the police station with his wife on Feb. 2 police said. When Det. Christopher Morrissey asked him if he had any problems with anyone at work or if there was someone “who might come in and say something about him,” Williams said the only incident at work he regretted was cheating on his wife with a coworker.

Police verified that Willliams was talking about the same woman who reported she was raped, the warrant said. Williams said the woman initially said “no” when he asked her to have sex, but he maintained that when they eventually did have intercourse, it was consensual, police said. Morrissey asked him how he thought he would perform on a polygraph test and Williams said he didn’t know, the warrant says


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