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As technology has become more a part of our everyday lives, there are those who say it changes us. Maybe your parents have said it, maybe your friends or maybe it’s you. One of the most common changes in those people’s eyes is romance.
Many people say romance is dead. They argue that because of phones and social media, people no longer have to ask each other out face-to-face and that the time people spend together is of less quality. This is not the truth though.
While technology has definitely changed how dating and romance exist in our lives, it has not killed it. There are many men and women who still buy flowers, still ask people out in person and still spend great quality time together.
In many ways, technology has advanced people’s ability to be romantically successful.
Technology has allowed for more people to potentially meet than ever before. Think about an app like Tinder. People can be in the same community and never meet someone, yet Tinder puts all of those people just one swipe away.
According to Business of Apps, Tinder gets 1.6 billion views every day and sets up one million dates per week. One million dates allows for a lot of time for people to see each other face-to-face.
Another way technology has helped people romantically is by creating an emphasis on romantic displays.
A good example of this is promposals that people in high school do. These boys and girls spend time and money to create a gesture of affection to get someone to be their date to prom.
These societal pressures create an added emphasis for young kids to learn to be romantic and to exhibit these displays of romance.
Promposals are not the only kind of romance, though. For many people, that kind of romance is embarrassing and scary.
Technology has allowed for people to learn more about themselves and how they show romance. With easily searchable love language quizzes, people have a greater ability than ever before to show their love in different ways. These quizzes even give people an ability to understand others, not just themselves.
No longer are we in an era where the only way we show love is through flowers and chocolates. Now, people can show their affection through text message or even more publicly with social media platforms. Technology has provided a grander stage for large romantic gestures.
Romance is like change in that it is a constant. People will always look to date people and to cultivate relationships with people, and as long as that happens romance will be around.
It is a lazy idea to say that romance is dead because of technology or because of generational divides. People who believe this need to consider the idea that maybe they are just personally jaded towards romance.
The simple truth is that romance is not dead and can never die. Has romance changed in many ways? Yes, absolutely, everything has, but it is not dead.

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