Has the pandemic changed our dating behaviours forever? | #tinder | #pof


But this new approach, according to Lily, should be practiced with caution: “As a result of loneliness, isolation, and the increased awareness of the fragility of life, people are even more eager to find connection and love, which could result in some taking the ‘someone is better than no one’ approach and wearing rose-tinted glasses when dating – which can create disastrous issues down the line.

“Humans are driven by connection, so after staying alone for three or four months, and now with a possible second wave on the way, single people are feeling the pressure to find the ‘right’ person, right now. In this – probably brief – window between lockdowns, relationships are like the new toilet paper flying off the shelves.

“When stakes are high and time is of the essence, now is the time to date with intelligence and not with panic, to keep a level head and ensure that the person you are thinking about sharing your time, energy, and space with is a good match for you and has your best interests at heart.”

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