Heartbroker Launches Friendliest Dating App on Facebook


Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 8, 2011

Heartbroker, Inc. today announced the official launch of the Heartbroker online dating service. Heartbroker is a new and unique online dating service that addresses the pervasive problems of profile misrepresentation and scamming found in many popular dating sites by using friends to help improve match quality and member security. Heartbroker is available through Facebook at http://apps.facebook.com/heartbroker and on the web at http://www.heartbroker.com/.

“The fundamental problem with existing online dating sites is misrepresentation in dating profiles. Sometimes this is done just to show oneself in a better light, but others times it is used to lure unsuspecting victims into scams.” said Craig Robinson, CEO of Heartbroker. “Heartbroker’s patent-pending approach addresses this problem by leveraging ones social connections to provide a broader picture of the individual. Whether you have 29 personality dimensions or one million, it’s not an objective assessment when the information is self-provided.”

Heartbroker works by having singles ask their trusted friends to write a testimonial and rate them on five simple attributes. The testimonials are listed on singles’ profiles so that their matches can evaluate them. The attribute ratings, on the other hand, remain confidential to encourage honest feedback, and are used to determine compatibility with others. Friends can also try their hand at playing Cupid with Heartbroker by suggesting matches to their single friends.

Professor Monica Whitty, an expert on the subject of online dating and author of Truth, Lies, and Trust on the Internet, stated, “Research has found that some online daters exaggerate or misrepresent a few aspects of themselves. Heartbroker is a unique dating site in that it offers a way to filter out misrepresentations and potentially instill more trust in online dating profiles.”

Heartbroker changes online dating from an activity of solitary self-promotion to a more natural social process. “You learn a lot about a person by meeting their friends and family,” said Sean Silas, COO & Co-founder. “The first generation of online dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony are missing this aspect, along with the added perspective and security that comes with it.”

Early reviews for the site have been strong. My overriding feeling once I had taken a tour of the site was About time!, said the Dating Review Blog. Online dating has been crying out for a way to siphon out the fake profiles and to call those that lie in their profile to task and Heartbroker delivers this one stands out from the crowd.

Privately held, Heartbroker is a Seattle based start-up with the mission of becoming the single best way to meet someone online.

For more press inquiries or investor information, please visit http://www.heartbroker.com/ or contact press(at)heartbroker(dot)com.

About Heartbroker, Inc.

Founded in 2010, Heartbroker Inc. operates the online dating service, Heartbroker, the first and only online dating service to incorporate objective, confidential feedback from friends into the matching process. This fun and unique approach helps to build a greater sense of trust into dating profiles and addresses a fundamental problem found in most other online dating sites: profile misrepresentation.



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