Here’s where Tinder users in India virtually dated the most with Passport | #tinder | #pof

Tinder made its premium ‘Passport’ feature to all users through April so people can swipe more while they’re stuck at home. Tinder has now revealed data showing how users, especially in India used the Passport feature. India also turned out to be the market with the most location changes on Tinder.

Tinder’s Passport feature lets users change their location to any city around the world where the dating service is available. In India, Tinder witnessed location changes mostly within the country and this was frequent between Delhi and Mumbai and vice versa.

The top 15 cities in India which saw the most ‘Passport Pairings’ were mostly the metros. Following Delhi and Mumbai was Bengaluru-Delhi, Chennai-Bengaluru, Pune-Mumbai, Hyderabad-Bengaluru, Kolkata-Delhi, Ahmedabad-Mumbai and more. The top 5 cities where Tinder users Passported to were also Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Pune.

While Tinder users Passported mostly within India, some ventured abroad as well. After India, the most popular country Indian users switched to was the US followed by the UK. The Netherlands and Australia also made it to the list for Tinder users in India to Passport to.

Tinder’s freebie ends today for users globally and there’s no confirmation if the dating platform plans to extend it. Following the feature activation sometime around March 26, Tinder witnessed over 3 billion swipes on March 29. This is the highest ever swipes recorded on Tinder on a single day. Tinder had also revealed that India witnessed a 25% jump in using Passport which was the highest among other regions.

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