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The applications to link, like many other online platforms and services, have to adapt to the times. After the pandemic, social distance has proven to be an effective measure to prevent contagion and guarantee health security. Due to this, many of the activities that were previously carried out in person have been carried out telematically.

Dating apps are also beginning to adapt to this new reality. The first to do so is Tinder, who has announced that You will start testing the video chat feature in a selection of countries, including Spain.

“We prioritize security in everything we do, and we understand that going outside and meeting new people requires a certain level of control and comfort,” explains the platform. “So we’ve built our feature with a few tweaks that help it stand out from the typical video experience. And no, you don’t have to worry about unwanted calls.”

How will Tinder video calls work? As the dating application explains, each person will decide whether or not they want to start a video chat with another user. For this reason, in order to access the face-to-face conversation it will be necessary for both people to have enabled the feature.

Also, activating the video is not a final act. Any user can remove it whenever they want and re-enable it later if they want to.

People who use this feature must accept some basic rules. At the end of the Tinder video chat, the app will ask you to complete a questionnaire to comment on how it went, and you have the possibility to send a report to the team at any time.

If you are away from your friends, family or colleagues, this is not an excuse for not maintaining communication with them. Here are five applications that allow you to make group video calls to continue talking to these people.

With this movement, the platform wants to offer the possibility of seeing each other through the application instead of using other tools to make video calls. In this way, users will spend more time in their ecosystem instead of using other apps to meet and talk face to face.

The new Tinder feature is in the testing phase and It begins to be implemented starting today. In addition to Spain, other countries in which it will be deployed are the United States (some states), Brazil, Australia, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru and Chile.

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