High divorce rate sparks concern


The Ministry of Justice has revealed that around 240,000 couples have divorced since 2014, which is 20 percent of the gross marriage contracts in the same period, triggering concern.

As a result of the high rate of divorce, the ministry called on couples awaiting marriage to enroll in workshops on married life. The workshops will be held periodically free of charge, he was quoted as saying by local media on Monday.

A source from the ministry claimed that the workshop should prove instrumental in bringing down the alarmingly high divorce rate in the country. He further stated the common reasons for divorces include the false representation of married life portrayed through television.

The ministry’s statistics portray 33,954 divorces in 2014, which include 434 demanded by wives. In comparison, only 11,871 marriages were registered in the same year, Makkah has proven to be have the most divorce cases at 2,326 followed by Taif at 1,459.

Source: https://en-maktoob.news.yahoo.com/high-divorce-rate-sparks-concern-053742823.html


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