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A Google Chrome extension plugin that enables powerful and efficient tinder automation.

Matching Solution Inc. (1-4-4 Shiroyamadai, Sango-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture, President Rokuro Ogita) Sells Google Chrome extension “Auto Swipe & Message for tinder” that can automate swipes and message transmissions in the dating app “tinder” with detailed settings. Will be on sale from November 1, 2020.


==Development background==
Recently, dating apps are suddenly attracting attention as a new form of encounter between men and women.
Among them, “tinder”, which is used worldwide, has the potential to realize more encounters than other dating apps.
However, it takes time to meet the ideal partner, and the current situation is that the hurdle is even higher for those who are busy with work or school.
Under such circumstances, Matching Solution has developed a service that “meets the ideal partner” from the viewpoint of statistics and user’s voice.

1. Fully automatic swipe function
It is equipped with a system that allows you to “Like” , “Nope” your opponent fully automatically so that even busy people can use “tinder”. Once you start swiping, you can keep swiping automatically even when you leave your PC, saving you time.

2. Detailed swipe condition setting function
With the above automatic swipe, you can finely set what kind of partner you send “Like”, and what kind of partner you want to send “Nope”. This allows you to send “Like” only those who are really interested in you, or conversely, those who are likely to be interested in you. In addition, by sending proper “Nope”, there is an advantage that it will be easier to be displayed at the top in tinder.
In other words, it will be easier for the other party to display your profile.

3. Automatic message function
You can automatically send your own customized message to the matching person. Even if you have a lot of matches, you can save time by using this feature and only interacting with the person who responded after you sent the message.



Matching Solution Inc.

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