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John Palmer is ghosted by his Tinder date – welcome to the modern era of dating.

We’re all waiting with baited breath for John’s date – I’m kidding – I couldn’t care less about John’s love life but I must admit, even a hard nut like myself did feel a bit sorry seeing him sitting there alone.

Camera IconJohn’s first foray into dating. Credit: Channel 7

On an equally interesting and unrelated note Bella literally leaves the house with her blanket so I have a new respect for her.

But enough of that because Tane and Ari are weighing up whether they should rob some rich sports club because Paul and his gang have photographic evidence of the uncles doing something dodgy.

Paul and his gang obviously aren’t very bright because they will get a shock when they find the country club doesn’t have rooms filled with cash.

“I’m not going to lose you, too,” Ari says.

Such a touching moment...
Camera IconSuch a touching moment… Credit: Channel 7

They start talking about the circumstance around Mikaere’s (Nikau’s dad) death and Ari breaks down in tears. He also convulses a bit to stress how upset he is – it’s a fine piece of artistic direction.

Nik is onto them and immediately tells Bella that things are about to get dangerous and his uncles want him to flee to New Zealand.

It pains Bella very much but she tells him he should go.

“I can’t lose anyone else, Nik,” Bella tells him.

Nikau starts packing his bags and is getting out of the bay straight away which is probably the smartest decision he’s made in a while.

Bella gets home and it all dawns on her that she’s completely alone and everyone she loves is either dead or in jail or gone and she weeps on the couch.

Moving onto Justin who is doing well and is discharged from hospital. He’s still moaning and carrying on but he did smile.

But don’t for a minute think that this is the last we’ve heard of his cancer. I truly believe that Leah’s dead husband curse will rear its ugly head again. And yes I am aware that Justin isn’t Leah’s husband but long-term boyfriend is pretty much the same.

Leah will probably marry him anyway to celebrate his new lease on life and that will really cement his fate.

Now for my favourite, Jasmine, who has gone quiet on the baby-making front but she’s still on fire.

Tori finally opens the presents from Gracie’s disaster of a first birthday party including the bracelet Jasmine threw into the bin which was subsequently retrieved by Irene.

It is at this exact moment that Tori realises she forgot about dead Robbo – the father of her child and Budget McDreamy, Leah and Justin look around at each other feeling terrible.

Camera IconSh**… Credit: Channel 7

Tori finds Jas to thank her for the gift — a bracelet engraved with “Love Dad” — but Jas acts aloof.

“I don’t understand, I changed my mind about giving you the gift,” Jasmine says to Tori.

Irene pipes up to tell us that she was the one who put the present back on the gift table. Then she leaves and goes back to her post behind the counter in the diner instead of waiting around to be yelled at by Jas.

It’s all very odd.

Jasmine and Tori pick up their conversation as if Irene’s appearance didn’t happen.

“If you felt like Robbo was forgotten in any way I’m so sorry,” Tori says to Jasmine.

Jasmine says she is fine – a classic line from her.

Then Tori and Budget McDreamy get into their first fight because the doc really likes putting his two cents in which gets him in a spot of trouble.

“I don’t get how we went from waking up in each other’s arms to this,” Budget McDreamy says.

He gets the final word in.

“This is not a Jasmine problem, this is a you problem,” he says to Tori and walks off.

Then Irene gets a bit more airtime. Once again she comes out from her post behind the counter and Jasmine gives it to her, accusing Irene of “tip-toeing” around Jasmine.

Irene is granted permission to leave the diner and is yelled at by Jas as her reward.
Camera IconIrene is granted permission to leave the diner and is yelled at by Jas as her reward. Credit: Channel 7

Ah Jasmine, never change.

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