How Being Honest Works for You in The Online Dating Game


Needless to say, being honest is the time-proven value people are taught growing up. It is what they seek in their business or life partners and the lack of it causes broken hearts or forever loss of one’s credibility.

As online dating is taking over the traditional matchmaking, men and women are challenged to portray a perfect image of themselves to attract more viewers on their profiles. So about their personality’s downside and exaggerating the virtues is quite a normality. The ironic part is that when the same people search for other profiles online, they hope that they will never come across a person who isn’t honest with them.

How do you solve this dilemma? Well, the solution resides with dating websites who can reward their users for their honest. One such dating site is MillionaireMatch that provides two privileged statuses to reward people who are more honest than their peers: Photo Verification and Certified Millionaire. To get the “Photo Verified” status, you will need to send in a copy of your official ID, where your ID number may be blocked/masked. To get the Certified Millionaire status, you will be required to email a copy of your income (over $200K annually) or a verification document for the owned assets (above $1million). Sure, getting these tags involves a few steps, but it’s surely worth an effort if you are expecting to find honest people to date? But do people who have these statuses truly get rewarded for their honesty?

To answer this question and to quantify the rewards, MillionaireMatch staff did some data analysis on two thousand randomly selected active members, who logged in during the past 30 days and whose profiles were not hidden.

Here are a few interesting facts that the current and potential members may want to know:

The unassisted honesty – put photos in one’s profile helps! About 70% people have or at one time had profile photos. On average, compared to the roughly 30% people who don’t, members who have photos on their profiles are at least 6 times more likely to get their profiles viewed by others. They also get 10 times more winks and emails from other members than those who don’t put up their photos. In short: The MillionaireMatch members are 17 times more interested in people who have profile photos than those who don’t.

A step up on the honesty barometer – get photos verified helps more! About 7% people went the extra mile to get their photos verified, which requires sending in a picture ID. It does mean that most of these people also get their AGE verified too – studies shown in the past that lying about age is the most common lie on dating sites, so people with verified photos status are honest with both their looks and age. Do they get more credibility? You bet! Photo verified members are at least 3 times more likely to get winks, emails, and interests from other members, compared to those with only unverified photos!

What about the verified wealthy people? Well, getting the Certified Millionaire stamp on one’s profile is the most assuring way to attract other users! Though only about one and a half percent of all these sampled members had this prestige diamond status, data shows that they are the most pursuit elite group on the site. With a median age of 55, these certified millionaires get numerous profiles views that are off the chart, and they are 50% more likely to get winks, emails, and interests than people with verified photos.

While random, anonymous members’ data shows true rewards for members who are honest, at MillionaireMatch we believe that, as a company, being honest with the community will also help our members to best utilize our site.

When prior studies show that most general dating sites have more male members than women members, our sampled data shows that about 60% members on are female, out of which about half a percent are with the certified millionaire status. Men consist slightly short of 40% of the sampled members, out of which over 3% get certified millionaire status.

To attract more attention, consider getting your photos verified if you haven’t done so; even better is to get your income/asset certified.

The age distribution is another interesting phenomenon. About 40% of members in our dataset are under age 40, of which, 0.1% are certified, millionaires. In the younger age groups, the women-to-men ratio is about 3:1. While it is not surprising that the younger age groups have fewer millionaires, it does prove that more younger people are utilizing to find successful life partners and meaningful relationship.

Another interesting observation from the data, which surprised us is that there are some members who are over age 70! It is very encouraging to find out that more seniors are very open-minded, tech-savvy and open to online dating.



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