Houston cops find missing woman’s car, suspect foul play

Houston police suspect a 26-year-old woman reported missing March 24 was shot and killed after finding her car covered in blood.

Karen Ramirez vanished after going to a club in southeast Houston with her boyfriend, KPRC-TV reports.

Cops found her car abandoned in an industrial section in northeast Houston Friday, the station reported.

A warehouse worker told police the vehicle had been parked in that spot for a week, according to the station.

Cops found the blood on the driver’s seat, the passenger’s seat and in the trunk. They also found a bullet hole inside the car.

“It would appear that something has happened to Karen,” Houston Police Homicide Detective Phil Waters told the station.

“It looks like she might have been shot in the driver’s seat, pushed over into the passenger’s seat and disposed of between here and southeast Houston,” he said.

Waters told the station that at the club Ramirez may have argued with her boyfriend Miguel Buezo, who also has vanished.

“There is some discussion about the fact that Miguel may be in Honduras because he apparently contacted an ex-girlfriend who may have assisted him in acquiring a plane ticket to Honduras,” Waters told the station.


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