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Date rich men and “live your best life” is the message Houston YouTube star Mikki Fox, a.k.a. Michaela Pink brought to her followers.

Now, this dating coach has been arrested and charged with theft and accused of stealing thousands in a real estate scam in Harris County. According to Harris County’s Assistant District Attorney Sheila Hansel, authorities have identified six possible victims.

“[Fox] has a well-established presence on YouTube and Instagram and been at it for a number of years. We’d like to hear from other victims,” Hansel told Chron. “We want to hear from people if they feel they were taken advantage of by her. It’s an ongoing investigation.”

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Fox’s dating videos teaching women how to “level up” have generated millions of views on YouTube. Investigators discovered that Fox reaches out to her victims who were initially interested in her online dating videos and then pitches a real estate deal.

“What the evidence shows at this point is that she reaches out and makes friends of friends through her various social media platforms,” Hansel said. “She pitches a real estate house flipping investment opportunity. She was to pay interest during the flip process to the investor. Once the house sold, he (or she) would get his initial investment back. Ultimately the investor was ghosted.”

One of her victims who prefers to be identified as Marie told Chron they were urged by Fox to invest $21,000 in an investment property. The deal that was struck was that Marie would get monthly interest on the investment with the option of getting the initial investment later. Marie said that this did not occur. Her money was never returned.

“I did not hear from her,” Marie said. “I had to go through several background checks to discover that her real estate license had expired as well as her investment company.”

Marie revealed that Fox took advantage of her at the worst possible time during the pandemic.  Fox lured victims from her dating videos at the onset and then escalated to the real estate pitches, Marie added.

“At the time, I was going through a very rough time in my life,” Marie explained. “She was very reassuring, but she preyed upon this. This is what predators do. They try to reassure you just to continue to keep you in the loop to access what you have.”

Hansel urged those interested in investing to do your due diligence and research potential investment offers.

“Do your homework. There’s nothing better than your own research,” Hansel said. “Go to the Better Business Bureau, search Google. Search investments. Do your due diligence. Ask for references. Don’t feel pushed or rushed into making an investment.”

Marie hopes that more people who have been targeted in the real estate scheme will come forward.

“I’m just hope that more victims speak out. I know that there are more victims out there,” Marie said.

If you have any further information in this case or feel you’ve been a victim of this scheme, contact the Harris County District Attorney’s Office at 713.274.5555.

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