“How Can You Tell Me?” ? The FLIRTATIONS ? ~ 1968


Translation: Well, most everyone is familiar with The Flirtations biggest hit, “Nothing But A Heartache”, but here’s another really great one from them! Like…


24 thoughts on ““How Can You Tell Me?” ? The FLIRTATIONS ? ~ 1968

  1. carowindscrazy2

    The shorter one with the black hair and the one with light brown hair on
    the first picture are my great aunts?

  2. jack reed

    The production on this is incredible for 1968 (proberly on a 4 track). The
    middle of the song builds higher with brass and then strings. Sublime!

  3. seltaeBGirl

    Yeah, I still prefer The Marvelettes & The Flirtations to The Supremes.

  4. greyhound7815

    Sure love listening to the Flirtations. I wasn’t even in the world yet when
    they came out in late 1960’s. Looking at their photos as they look from
    then to now. They’re very good looking. Now in my favorites.

  5. seltaeBGirl

    An oldie but goodie. Thanks for all the stars!

  6. Ingrid Hexerl

    Magnificent memories with stunning pictures. Truly a pleasure. Thank you
    for sharing and also for the accompanying detailed description. I send to
    you happiness and a charming smile … ? ??? also from my other channel:

  7. seltaeBGirl

    Aren’t The Flirtations amazing?! Thanks so much for stopping by luvBHIC!

  8. seltaeBGirl

    I agree, those are all great artists. Especially, for me, The Ronettes.

  9. geofbrit59

    Man these girls are brill. I have a couple of their 45s and have put them
    on my iPod. Somewhere on YouTube there is a video of them singing at the
    ruins of an old church. Very cool! Thanks for uploading !

  10. TheOldrecordclub

    I have not heard this one in ages, a real good upload, a big thumbs up and
    the 5????? of course.. Carl

  11. seltaeBGirl

    Great! Well, “BackintheDay” there were just so many groups out there going
    up against The Beatles, Elvis, The Stones, Supremes, Stevie Wonder, etc.
    that many got mostly overlooked which is a shame. Their biggest hit
    “Nothing But A Heartache” did get noticed though.

  12. seltaeBGirl

    Thanks for checking The Flirtations out!

  13. luvBHIC

    What an epic song, this group has so much great music. Thanks for sharing!

  14. seltaeBGirl

    Thanks for stopping by to listen & watch my video greyhound7815!

  15. seltaeBGirl

    So glad you enjoyed this one, these girls were something special.

  16. ladycassidy4u

    Adorable, maybe you can share us something by The Ronnettes, The Supremes
    and Roberta Flack. They’re great too!!

  17. gingersnap914

    I didn’t remember The Flirtations but now I’m a fan, they’re fab!

  18. seltaeBGirl

    You’re welcome, thanks for watching! You’ve probably heard of “Nothing But
    A Heartache”. If not, check it out.

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