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Although weekday releases have long been the norm for major networks, it marks a departure for HBO, which typically premieres its Big Important TV Shows on Sundays (although they tested a Monday strategy with “His Dark Materials”).

As much as I enjoyed ending the weekend with “Westworld” or “Silicon Valley,” I often have to wait until Monday to catch up. But on Thursday nights, at best I’m busy “washing my hair,” and we all know what has happened to shower schedules with the city currently shut down. A weekday show brings back my ‘90s Must See TV nostalgia, invoking the Pavlovian thump of “Seinfeld” slap bass and offering a much needed mid-week activity to look forward to.

So despite all the other things I could be mastering with my bonus shelter time, I can barely wait for my next 90-minute weekday dinner date with Darby. It may not be a long-term relationship, but I still expect to feel a little heartbroken when it ends.

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