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Kelli Mi Li may not be worth nearly as much as other ‘Bling Empire’ stars but her hard-working ways have allowed her to mass an impressive net worth.

Kelly Li Mi is one name that you have heard of, especially if you are a fan of the hit Netflix series, Bling Empire! The show dropped on the streaming platform in January 2021 and has since taken over the reality TV scene.

The cast features an array of characters from Beverly Hills royalty, Christine Quinn, Anna Shay, Kevin Kreider, and of course, fan-favorite, Kelly! Despite Kelly being quite the entrepreneur, most of the first season covered her relationship with longtime boyfriend, Andrew Gray. Despite their history, the duo has since split up, leaving fans very happy!

Now that her relationship is long and gone, perhaps Kelly Li will share more of her professional life come the show’s second season! Till then, fans are dying to know just how rich the Bling Empire star is.

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How Rich Is Kelly Li Mi?

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When Netflix announced the release of their original reality series, Bling Empire, fans could not wait for it to drop! Well, when it finally premiered on the streaming platform on January 15, 2020, it became a top 10 hit immediately.

The show follows the lives of some of Beverly Hills’ most affluent members of the Asian community, which is made up of none other than Christine Quinn, Anna Shay, Kane Lim, Cheri Chan, and of course, Kelly Li Mi, to name a few.

While we know fellow cast member, Anna Shay comes out on top with her $600 million net worth, fans want to know where how rest of the cast compares. Well, when it comes to Kelly Li, the star may not be worth nearly as much, however, her hard-working ways have allowed her to mass an impressive net worth of $5 million.

Kelly was previously married to Lin Miao, who was responsible for one of the biggest cyber scams in history, where he managed to steal over $50 million! After their relationship ended following Miao’s arrest, Kelly began dating actor, Andrew Gray.

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Kelly and Andrew’s relationship was all fans really got from Kelly during the first season, despite the star being quite the businesswoman! Although her romance took precedence over her work life, fans won’t have to worry about that come the second season, as she and Andrew have officially broken up.

Kelly can now focus on her career, which involved film and media production. Fun fact! Kelly is actually responsible for the start of Bling Empire. She took the idea to E! producer, Jeff Jenkins, who works on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and the rest is history.

While fans can’t wait to witness Kelly navigate her busy work life, they are also eager to see whether she will give fellow co-star, Kevin Kreider a shot at love, now that she’s single, or if she’ll simply remain solo for the shows second go.

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