How To Break Up When There Is The Internet


Picture to burn appFUSION.NET – Aug 5 – “We have all these technologies that are urging us to connect all the time and the built-in assumption is that you want to connect,” said Ilana Gershon, a digital anthropologist at Indiana University who has studied breakups. But how to disconnect from someone when he/she is on every platform you visit on a regular basis? There isn’t (yet) a quick tech fix for a breakup. In a study published last year, 62% of daters said they spent a lot of time reanalyzing Facebook wall posts and messages from exes after a breakup. A browser extension, KillSwitch, promised to permanently purge all past interactions with an ex from Facebook. Picture to Burn app aims to digitally reproduce the cathartic act of burning an ex’s photo. Another app, Drunk Dial, forces users to do math if they break down and try to dial their ex. For $3.99, Breakup Medicine, offers suggestions for daily exercises and inspirational advice to get through the sadness.

by Kristen V. Brown
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