How to Date Like a Celebrity: Try to Act Like a Regular Person, Mostly Fail | #tinder | #pof

More commonly, celebs seem to resort to social media as a dating tool. Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland met her beau, Wells Adams, after publicly expressing interest in the Season 12 Bachelorette contestant via Twitter. But the app of choice for most celebs appears to be Instagram. It was the catalyst for Mandy Moore meeting her musician husband Taylor Goldsmith; it’s where Ricky Martin found his husband, Jwan Yosef; and it’s where “one fine day, out of the blue,” Joe Jonas slid into Sophie Turner’s DMs. Having met his current boyfriend the same way, Antoni from Queer Eye recently noted that Instagram is, “like, the 2019 way.”

The risk of appearing thirsty in a public forum is real, however, as Lindsay Lohan found out last year. She was accused of hitting on newly-single Liam Hemsworth via Instagram after she left a prayer hands emoji on some surfing photos he posted. Lohan later attributed the comment to her work with a surf therapy organization in Australia, but her attacks on Hemsworth’s ex-wife Miley Cyrus during the same period suggested otherwise.

Then there was New York Islanders hockey star Anthony Beauvillier, who saw fit to tweet “Hi” at Anna Kendrick in December. After he received no reply, Twitter hilariously stepped in and acted as wingman, publicly thanking Beauvillier for performing increasingly ridiculous (and obviously false) feats. These included performing open heart surgery, rescuing people from burning buildings and saving the world from errant asteroids. It may not have got him a date, but Kendrick at least got a laugh out of it.

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