How to Get Laid – Your Naughty Guide to an Amazing Night


Looking to hit the town and get lucky tonight? These are the tips you’ll want to have in your arsenal in order to have some success and get laid!

Truth be told, sometimes we all just need to go out and get laid. If you’re not in a relationship, you can have some trouble when it comes to your sex life. And we all know a healthy sex life is good for more than just your genitals.

Benefits of having sex

There are SO many great reasons to having an active sex life including: increased immune health, great heart health, lower blood pressure, awesome exercise, improves headaches and other pain, reduces stress, and helps you get a better night’s sleep.

Now, with all of these benefits, who wouldn’t want to jump on the next person they see? Oh yeah, because they might have a problem getting the other person to actually agree. You can try listing off the amazing benefits and see if that works, but it probably won’t. You’ll have to try a bit harder than that.

For some, it might be easy to hit up the local bar and bring home a cutie that’s got what they’re looking for. For others, it might be a lot harder than that, and they’ll have to put in the extra work. [Read: 10 reasons why you should be having great sex every day]

Tips to get lucky tonight                      

For those of you who need some extra tips in order to bring home that lucky person and get laid, these are for you. Make them work in your favor and give yourself the best night you’ve had in a while!

#1 Be approachable. I know you’re probably going to be the one approaching different people, but you also have to look approachable in order to get them to NOT run in the opposite direction. So put on a smile and make people happy you’re there talking to them.

#2 Dress the part. If you want to pick someone up, dress like you’re about to meet the love of your life, even if you’re just going out to meet someone to take home. Your chances of getting laid go up about 80% if you look incredible in an outfit.

You can’t show up in sweats and a t-shirt and expect people to want to jump in the sack with you. Put some effort into your physical appearance! Also, be hygienic. Nice smelling people are always more attractive. [Read: 10 perfect tips to look fabulous while trying to get attention]

#3 Don’t act like you want to get laid. Believe me, people can tell when someone wants to get laid within the first 10 seconds of them talking. So when you walk up to someone, don’t act like you’re just looking for a hot hookup.

Act like you want to get to know them and have a good time. It’ll make you look a lot less creepy, and it’ll up your chances of taking someone home.

#4 Be patient. Patience is key. Don’t expect to show up and walk out 20 minutes later with someone. You’re going to have to spend a lot more time looking for a potential than that. Don’t get irritated or discouraged right off the bat.

#5 Lower your standards. Yes, you have to. Not everyone is going to walk into a bar and walk out with a 10. No matter what the movies say, it just won’t happen. If you expect this to happen, you need to lower your standards; otherwise, you’ll leave empty-handed. [Read: 10 worst people you could have a one night stand with]

#6 Be confident, not cocky. Confidence is sexy, cockiness is a huge turn off. This is important! When you walk up to someone or a group of people looking for someone to get alone, you can’t be completely full of yourself. People will walk the other way faster than you can bat those pretty little eyelashes of yours.

Confidence is something shown through your body, smile, and eyes; cockiness is something coming from the stuff you say. Act like you’ve got it together, don’t go blabbing about how you do.

#7 Talk to a LOT of people. Don’t set your eyes on one person and have that be the end of your pursuit. You’ll leave alone and feel discouraged if it doesn’t work out. Talk to a lot of different people. Even if you find someone interesting, give them your number and move on.

If you really like them and can reunite later, great! The goal here is to raise your chances of finding someone awesome for the night.

#8 Gauge their interest carefully. Don’t keep pursuing someone that just isn’t interested. Seriously, you have to gauge their interest and adjust your strategy accordingly. When someone keeps looking away when you’re talking and not engaged with the conversation, move on. They’re not interested.

#9 Escalate the night appropriately. And by this, I do NOT mean force feeding the person drinks so they’re intoxicated enough to go home with you. That’s creepy and you’re a slimeball if you do that.

By escalating appropriately, I mean you can’t just dive in for a home run. You have to test the waters with physical touching, getting closer to them, making sure they’re feeling the same way you are. Then you can finish the night off according to plan. [Read: How to get a girl wet and horny while talking to her]

#10 Make someone jealous. Everyone wants what they can’t have. That’s just a handy little fact of life. Start talking to someone, be really interested, and then catch someone else’s eye and make your way over to them, leaving the other person watching you walk away.

Not only does this make them jealous, it also makes you look desirable in the best way. Just don’t be too mean about it, and wait for that other person to approach you again.

#11 Be open. If you’re someone people approach and try to pick up, be open to different people. Don’t just shoot someone down right away. Be open to new people and ideas and it will definitely help you get laid.

#12 Be charming. It’s no secret charming people usually have the most luck when it comes to getting laid, and there is a good reason for it. Charmers usually know just what to say and when to say it to make other people feel like they’re the most important person in the room – a very important trait when trying to pick someone up. [Read: 13 tips that can make your really charming and likeable in no time]

#13 Make people approach you. If you really want to get laid, make people approach you. Look good, feel good, act like you’re having the time of your life, and there will be people lining up to talk to you. Buying people drinks is also a very approachable trait.

#14 Have fun! Don’t make the sole purpose of going out to get laid, because that will just put pressure on yourself and people can sense that. Go out to have fun. Make some attempts but don’t worry about it too much.

In all honesty, when you’re out having a blast, that’s really attractive, and it will actually make things easier for you. [Read: The subtle art of making a guy really horny while sitting next to him]

#15 Go easy on the compliments. Complimenting someone too much and saying stuff that is too hard to believe is the fastest way you’ll get shut down. Make your compliments subtle and meaningful. The best compliments are the ones where they can’t tell if it’s an actual compliment or not.

#16 Have a booty call. The absolute best way to get laid is to have a booty call. Not everyone has this luxury, but if you strike out downtown, call up your go-to and have them come right over!

[Read: The step-by-step guide to making a sexy, no fail booty call]

Getting laid doesn’t have to be the hardest thing out there. Be sure to follow these 16 tips and you’ll have an amazing night you won’t be able to forget.

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