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Avoid negativity in your profile, recommend experts. Focus on what you want in a partner and a relationship, not what you don’t want. Instead of saying you’re not interested in smokers, say you seek an active, nature-loving person.

Rebecca Nelson, 64, began online dating last fall after moving to Nashville, Tennessee. The recent retiree spent upwards of a week creating the perfect profile for several dating sites and apps, repeating key words like she’s “active” and “adventuresome” and seeks “an emotionally intelligent and well-grounded partner” to increase her match chances.

So far, she’s pleased with the results. “I’ve gotten more in-depth responses and messages than I might have expected,” Nelson says. “I think it’s because I took such care with the profile.”

Dating profiles should reflect your personality

The bio part should include enough information to tell who you are, but keep it on the shorter side, so it’s not overwhelming. Think quality over quantity.

“You want to create some level of intrigue and curiosity,” Diamond says.

Nelson adapted OkCupid’s profile template for several other dating sites and apps, such as Bumble, Match and Zoosk, and regularly tweaks the profiles to shorten them or make them easier to read. In answer to the prompt “On a Friday night, you’ll find me doing …,” for example, she reduced her answers from six to three.

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