How To Write A Dating Profile For Quarantine Cuffing Season | #tinder | #pof


While the coronavirus may seem like the villain out to foil cuffing season, it’s actually the perfect time to meet someone. And while we may not be meeting anyone in person, you can still learn how to write a dating profile to make sure you have someone to chat with as the nights grow colder.

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Now that we’ve all gone through our Netflix queue (probably more than once), the nights are getting lonelier. Don’t let the coronavirus stop you from building a connection with someone! Make lemonade out of 2020’s multiple lemons. We may not be able to use Tinder the way it’s intended (be careful meeting new people in person), but there are still a lot of people on there. Everyone has realized how important connections are!

It’s now possible to do the unthinkable: actually have a meaningful conversation on tinder. Follow the steps below to turn the tinder classic conversation…

“How are you?”
“Good, you?” 
*full stop*

…into something you can actually build a loving relationship off of!

How to Write a Dating Profile

The best chance of attracting good conversation is having a good profile.

Include your interests.

They’re called interests for a reason, they’re interesting. They make you unique and can easily lead to a conversation. Think about all the walks you’ve been going on recently, all the baking you’ve done over quarantine, all the TikTok dances you’ve tried to learn… mention that! 

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