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PICTURES of the Special Boat Service on combat operations have been posted on Facebook sparking a huge security alert.

Some troops have faces blacked out but others are clearly identified — as is their kit.

Picture of the Special Boat Service on combat operations that was posted on Facebook

Two are seen in Afghanistan with one firing over a wall.

Another snap features a training exercise with an SBS member scaling a ladder on a ship.

Missions in Syria and Iraq are also shown.

The images were posted on a closed Facebook group with 10,000 members this week.

Some are recent, with others dating back to 2001.

The Sun on Sunday has obscured all those involved.

A source said: “Top brass will be livid.

“It’s fine sending a few war pics of yourself to mates who served with you.

“But releasing a whole batch on Facebook breaks so many rules it’s unreal.

“You have individuals still serving being identified, plus you’re releasing loads of pictures of equipment.”

One picture, believed to have been taken in Iraq, shows troops placing a suspected insurgent handcuffed into a Snatch Land Rover.

Another taken with an infra-red camera shows soldiers preparing for a night-time operation.

A third shows three smiling members looking thin and bedraggled.

The SBS is sister regiment to the SAS and is mainly composed of Marines.

The source added: “There is an ongoing inquiry. If the person who leaked these is still serving he can kiss goodbye to his career.

“If he is ex-military he will be declared persona non grata by the Special Forces community.”

The MoD is examining the images. It added: “We do not comment on Special Forces.”

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