I couldn’t look at my wife on our honeymoon, we were miserable. So I asked to date her sister instead | #tinder | #pof

A HONEYMOON is supposed to be filled with magic and romance, with newlyweds often still beaming from their big day.

But for one bloke it was weeks of pure misery, with his marriage breaking down before it even started – so he asked to date his wife’s sister instead.


Greyson Ferguson Found out his wife was cheating on him just before getting marriedCredit: Facebook

Greyson Ferguson detailed the ordeal in a column for  Medium’s P.S. I Love You, News.com.au reports, and explained how the trip to South Africa marked the end of the short-lived marriage.

One week before the wedding he found out his wife had been having an affair, but decided to go ahead with it anyway.

After learning of the “not-so-secret fling”, the newly married couple hoped the holiday would repair what was broken.

But their backpacking experience ended up incredibly tense and was filled with awkward silences – they even found themselves sleeping in separate bunk beds.

We lived together yet I couldn’t look at her. We shared the same bed yet I couldn’t sleep next to her.

Greyson Ferguson

“We lived together yet I couldn’t look at her. We shared the same bed yet I couldn’t sleep next to her,” he wrote, adding she felt like a “stranger I hardly knew”.

Realising there was no future between them, the bloke raised a controversial question with his wife – and it did not go well, as expected.

Knowing it would rile her up, he asked: “If we broke up what would you do if I dated your sister?”

Greyson, who now lives in Tuscon, Arizona, said that “she didn’t like that question” but that was kind of the point.


She later asked if he could date her sisterCredit: Facebook

You see, the siblings had an unspoken rivalry, with Greyson’s wife feeling inferior to her younger sister, he said.

He explained: “The entire honeymoon I struggled putting the images and messages from my wife’s not-so-secret fling out of my mind. I couldn’t. Nor could I pull myself out of that dark place slowly consuming me. So instead I did what I could to drag her down with me”.

Despite hating the idea at first, Greyson said his wife hit back with “she’d get over it” if the two of them were happy.

He thought he would enjoy “seeing her squirm” but instead it just made him feel worse.

If we broke up what would you do if I dated your sister?

Greyson Ferguson

But what’s done is done at that point, and there was no coming back after that.

Greyson explained he was so miserable he contemplated returning home by himself and cutting the trip short.

It was only the thought of something awful happening to his wife that stopped him from doing so.

Surprisingly, the pair got through the five weeks together, but after returning home their marriage swiftly ended.

Although he and his wife’s sister never actually got together, ten years on Greyson admitted he “still wouldn’t mind going out on a date with the sister”.

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