I Posed As The Nittany Lion On Tinder…And This Is What Happened | #tinder | #pof


Cuffing season is upon us, folks.

It’s time to find a cutie and snuggle in for the long winter ahead of us. I mean, come on! Isn’t that why we’re on these dating apps in the first place? To find a life-long companion and totally not a one-time hookup?

It came to my attention that there is one person…or mascot, I should say…that may be lost in the relationship shuffle: The Nittany Lion.

I couldn’t just let the Symbol of Our Best be lonely during this time! The Nittany Lion deserves love, so I decided to help our pal out and create a Tinder profile.

Here are some of the best (and worst!) messages the Nittany Lion received on Tinder last week:

And also this…*blushes*

I was asked this hard hitting question:

Of course, the Nittany Lion had his doubters…

At least they thought I was cute, though.

Despite my haters, I had my fans.

I had this…interesting…conversation:

Of course, I got to finally try out some good pickup lines, too.

And finally, one couldn’t just hit up the Nittany Lion without dropping this classic chant.

Have you had a run-in with the Symbol of Our Best on the worst app known to man? How would you slide into the Nittany Lion’s DMs? Tell us in the comments!

Dana is a redshirt freshman, who is studying public relations. She is from the 570 and her favorite Office quote is “DID I STUTTER”. Her passions in life include drinking unsweetened iced tea and spreading her love for agriculture (yee haw)! Ask Dana about storming the field at the 2016 White Out because that was her peak. Send any cow pictures or complaints to [email protected]

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