25 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Be Alive Date from Hell Part 1 of 6

  1. Crystal Walker

    I’m sorry but I’m a freak without my cell phone; wherever I go, my cell

  2. monstermunch151

    kristy dale if u cant be bothered to upload the full episodes dont bother
    at all.. im sick of watching something and cant finish it coz u avnt
    uploaded the rest of it.. if your gonna upload something and expect people
    to subscribe to your channel do it properly ffs!!!?

  3. Danielle Snyder

    Cant find rest of episode except 1 & 6?

  4. Will Cherone

    Is anyone else into this show? I just can’t get enough of these stories and
    this one was particularly good.

    I Shouldn’t Be Alive Date from Hell Part 1 of 6?

  5. Katiieexoxoxoxo

    When the Rattle nake jummped at the camera man, i like threw a pillow at
    the screen and dived off my chair , lol

  6. Jessica Goh Wei Wen Jesus

    @68secretgarden it is a very scary dangerous playground

  7. isierrafulcher

    Why wouldn’t you bring your cell phone I mean it’s only 1 fourth of a pound
    extra it’s not like it’ll be to much work to carry with you lol. What was
    he carrying extra anyway? Tampons? I don’t think so.

  8. cambuurrinse

    when come more episodes!!!! i want endless stories of ppl that ”i shouldnt
    be alive”

  9. stegatops1

    Yeah….they sure screwed up when they left theyre mobile on the bed. To be
    sure, they werent the sharpest tools in the shed.

  10. mydreamboy84

    White people are so stupid I swear! Lol!! They are the ones who trust other
    white people……and those white people are the serial killers and child
    molesters!! Lol!

  11. zombieman222

    What the fuck is more important than the most important survival tool?

  12. Daniel Choi

    1st person to tel my reaction! I choose EPIC!

  13. Justice Walls

    That is the dumbest thing to do so what if it’s a couple hours it’s still
    the wilderness anything can happen bring the life saving device that saves
    a lot I’m not stupid I would bring my cellphone

  14. stegatops1

    They should have stayed home and played “Battlefield 3″……safer for

  15. Aborza123


  16. tyler crevier

    if ur ever in a wooded area stranded BURN THE WHOLE FOREST DOWN they wil
    find you

  17. Jojo Dynamo

    And now they’ll survive to produce a whole new crop of dull tools… no to
    sound cold-hearted, but the REASON that humans are the dominant species on
    the planet, is because idiots like this USED to just die when they went
    missing. Now there’s two kinds of people: those who run off into the woods,
    and the rest of us who are supposed to RESCUE these pin-head and celebrate
    their return… and the birth of their retarded offspring. And we wonder
    why test-scores are dropping in the newest 4 billion.

  18. deadmanavir

    wow whats more important that a cellphone ….. skin lotions ?

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