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True love could be waiting for you in one of the dozens of dating apps that currently flood the market and the question is which one to choose?

Your zodiac sign could be the key to selecting the most appropriate one, and that is that with the variety that exists it is possible to correspond the best option for you according to the personality of your horoscope. Here we tell you which dating app to choose, according to a listing on the site.


If your sign is Aries, you should try The League. It is ideal for those looking for high standards, very much in line with the competitive personality of this sign. The App works by analyzing the candidates’ Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Taurus should use Ship. Being very stubborn they need someone to guide them and

advise on your selection and this application allows the entire circle around Taurus to ‘play’ the matchmaker.


Plenty of Fish is what an indecisive sign like Gemini needs. Twins like to try all kinds of options and this App claims to have up to 70,000 new singles a day, so there will be no shortage of candidates.


Cancerians are very intuitive and generally connect with people they make eye contact with anywhere. Happn will help them know if the person they came across is interested in them.


Bumble is the dating app you must have on your mobile. Leo is not afraid to take the first step, and this location-based platform will make it easy for him to associate with people who are close.


Virgo does not like to waste time with prospects who do not have what they are looking for, so OKCupid is the option for them because it allows them to narrow down their options based on particular criteria.


Hinge is very funny just like Libra. It works by placing six images of the prospects, as well as some basic information and answers to some nice, but revealing questions. There, Libra will quickly find out who meets its requirements.


Such an intense sign needs a dating app out of the ordinary and Hater delivers. This platform connects people based on what they both don’t like, and for Scorpio it is just as important to know what you don’t like as well as your interests.


Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit pairs well with Tinder, the quintessential dating app. They are open and do not worry about going from date to date until they find their ideal partner; in the process they know that fun is guaranteed and they are not so easily excited.


It is not a sign that you like to get involved in casual relationships. You are more interested in looking for partners who will guarantee you a long-term relationship and you are likely to find them on This app offers a broader panorama of the candidates, which will allow you to know if there is a future or not.


Aquarians tend to have the most open mind in the Zodiac. The His app will offer you to explore various aspects of your sexuality that you have yet to discover and you will get completely new experiences.


Such an intuitive and quick sign to fall in love knows immediately when a connection is going to work or not. Coffee Meets Bagel matches couples with very few matches or submits suggestions based on people they have previously liked. That’s how fast Pisces can find love.

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