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What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and it allows certain devices to read information simply by bringing them within range of a bar code or chip on a product. “RFID is a wireless technology that uses radio waves to identify people or things,” explains Paul Bischoff, privacy advocate at Comparitech. It’s often used for inventory tracking, asset tracking, and attendance monitoring. The term ‘RFID’ is often used interchangeably with NFC [near field communication], the technology used in contactless payments on cards and phones.”

While NFC requires very close proximity, such as when you tap your card for payment, RFID scanners can gather information across much larger distances. According to Brian Penny, a former operations manager and business systems analyst at Bank of America, RFID-enabled cards can be pinged from up to 30 feet away, which is why you might want to invest in an RFID-blocking wallet.

Most scams happen quietly—at gas stations, while online shopping, arriving in your email, calling you on the phone—and RFID scams are no exception, causing damage often without the cardholder realizing it.

What does RFID blocking mean?

You’ll know your charge cards are enabled with RFID technology if they bear the sideways Wi-Fi icon. RFID-blocking products create a shield against RFID readers that may be trying to access your card without your permission. Steven Walker, CEO of Spylix, says, “RFID blocking works by blocking the electromagnetic field surrounding RFID documents.”

Is RFID blocking really necessary?

While the odds of having your cards skimmed using RFID technology are low, you never know when you’re in range of a hidden RFID reader, so it makes sense to control the controllable where you can. Protecting the contents of your wallet is one of those places.

We’ve compiled a list of the best RFID-blocking wallets in a variety of categories based on ratings, user experience, quality, utility, and style. Despite the low risk of RFID theft, these RFID-blocking wallets give you peace of mind, especially when having a compromised card is more than just a hassle.

The best RFID-blocking wallets

Derrick Rfid Leather Bifold Wallet Ecomm Via Nordstrom

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Best RFID-blocking wallet for every day

Fossil Derrick RFID Leather Bifold Wallet

This classic Fossil wallet is made with a durable 100 percent leather exterior and polyester-lined interior. It’s neither minimal nor excessive with a single bill compartment, two ID windows, two slide pockets, eight card slots, and a coin pouch. The wallet has clean lines and is made from built-to-last leather that will age beautifully. Speaking of long-lasting products, this leather cleaner will keep all your leather goods looking new.


  • Engravable (in store)
  • Rich leather
  • Clear ID window


  • Comes in only one color
  • Not as distressed as it appears in the photo

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