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Dating can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially in the modern European world where it is seemingly impossible to create an organic connection anywhere. You are not alone in this difficult task; millions of people in Europe are looking for the perfect romantic partner.

There are many popular online dating apps and sites available, each promising to find you the ideal match. We have taken the work right out of picking the best dating platform, compiling this top ten list of the crème de la crème of dating apps and sites. Our experts have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each dating website and dating application to ensure the right fit. Whether you are looking for a serious, committed relationship or a casual, steamy hookup, we have you covered!

1. EHarmony

EHarmony is one of the largest online dating platforms, with some of the best reviews in the world. It is an ideal online dating site to sign up for if you are looking for a serious relationship; most people who are on EHarmony are interested in a long-term commitment or marriage. They claim that thousands of members who met through their website have tied the knot!

Why We Like It

EHarmony’s biggest advantage is the scientifically proven method of finding a high level of compatibility between you and your match. Upon signing up, they provide an in-depth personality quiz which asks all sorts of dynamic and engaging questions. Then, they transform your answers into data determining everything from core beliefs and values, to religious and political views, to casual interests and hobbies. Almost by magic, EHarmony is able to present matches that you will absolutely enjoy getting to know and possibly… fall madly in love with.

EHarmony has the competitive edge when it comes to detailed profiles! It almost seems like you are meeting your match in real life, from how much you can learn about them. Since this is the case, it actually takes quite a while to set up a profile. This effectively weeds out anyone who is looking for a casual dating experience, catfishes, or fake profiles. It completely reduces the worry that you may be wasting your time by connecting with someone.

Furthermore, EHarmony offers some fun features like Send a Smile, and Video Date. Send a Smile acts as though you are encountering an attractive person on the street or in the coffee shop. You may be a little timid at approaching them right away or not know exactly what to say yet, so you would smile at them to show your interest!

Additionally, Video Date is an amazing feature for daters who may be cautious about the dating world or meeting up with someone right away in person. This is an exceptional service to have in Europe, when you may not be keen on travelling to the next country before seeing and talking to them! Video Date allows for you and your match to meet face-to-face in a video call, through EHarmony’s secure platform.

Why We Don’t Like It

There always has to be a downside! However, luckily for EHarmony, there is only one major disadvantage to its platform: the cost! Although EHarmony provides a free, basic membership, you have limited access to its features so in order to truly benefit from all it has to offer, you must subscribe to one of its premium memberships. These can be quite costly, although those now-married couples are sure glad they dished out the cash!

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2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles certainly lives up to its name, providing elite dating services to singles all over Europe. If you are a well-established individual in respect to education or career, and are looking for a serious or committed relationship then this just may be the perfect place to meet your match.

Why We Like It

Comparable to EHarmony, Elite Singles delivers a thorough personality test in order to identify various important attributes, traits, interests, and goals; it, then, uses an extraordinary algorithm dedicated to finding matches that are compatible.

Elite Singles has a fantastic service called Have You Met? ” which is ideal for those who have become stuck in a loop of dating the “same kind of people” and not seeing success. Have You Met? allows you to browse people who do not match one or more of your criteria, but otherwise may be great matches for you!

Why We Don’t Like It

Although Elite Singles appeals specifically to those who have a consistent financial situation, a stellar academic background, or a stable career, there is absolutely no verification step that confirms claims are legitimate. That said, Elite Singles does a great job at providing a more secure platform by ensuring other verification steps are completed and that suspicious or fake profiles are removed on a regular basis.

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3. Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match is an online dating site dedicated to meeting attractive, middle-aged or older, wealthy people. If you consider yourself amongst this group, and desire to find your dream CEO, doctor, lawyer, or model, look no further; this is your oasis!

Why We Like It

There are many dating websites and dating apps claiming to cater to successful and attractive people, however, many do not follow through on their promises. Millionaire Match verifies member information by completing identity and income checks.

Millionaire Match is also a simple and sweet dating site; profiles cut straight to the chase with a short biography, description of what you are looking for, and a space to provide significant details such as your appealing physical attributes and wallet size.

Additionally, it has one of the most romantic features we have ever seen on a dating website: the ability to send handwritten letters to your love interests. Handwritten letters are truly sentimental and a lovely way to connect with a match.

Why We Don’t Like It

When they say Millionaire Match, they really mean a millionaire… The dating platform charges a hefty monthly fee. However, that sounds completely worth it when you can picture your future wedding in a sunny Spanish villa or on a beautiful Greek beach.

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4. Senior Match

It can be difficult for seniors to engage in the European dating world; European dating websites and apps open up the possibilities for romantic partners considerably. Senior Match is a dating site created exclusively for those who are older than 45 looking for a serious companionship or a committed relationship. Unlike other senior dating websites and senior dating apps, Senior Match only authorizes members that are 45 or older; this is perfect if you do not want to run into younger sugar babies or gold diggers.

Why We Like It

Often, we find dating websites or dating apps do not consider people outside the age range of 20-45, forcing those who are older to fall into the cracks on larger dating platforms. Senior Match allows for seniors to engage in a community that is all their own, and enjoy all the aspects of a regular dating website or app.

Senior Match is incredibly user-friendly; it has a simple interface, all aspects and features are easy to find and use, and each member will have their own Account Manager to help them navigate the website if necessary. The customer service is well-known for being responsive and helpful!

Why We Don’t Like It

It may be the case that many seniors do not know there is a whole online dating scene made just for them! Many Senior Match members have complained that it either took quite a long time to be matched with anyone or that there were simply not enough people in their area to be matched with. If you live in a well-populated city, you may avoid both of these problems. However, if you live in a rural European area, perhaps it would be wise to sign up for local senior activities to meet your match instead.

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5. Charm Date

Charm Date is an Eastern European dating platform, catering specifically to Russian and Ukrainian daters searching for a serious relationship. It is additionally well-known for Westerners looking for long-distance and long-term relationships with Eastern Europeans.

Why We Like It

While many dating websites and dating apps opt for complicated and crowded designs, Charm Date offers a back-to-basics interface making this a simple and easy to use platform. However, we certainly do not mean boring! Charm Date comes complete with messaging and chatting services, video calling over their secure platform, and even a special gifts and flowers delivery which makes this dating website truly special.

Unlike other dating websites that force you to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription, Charm Date works uniquely by purchasing credits and utilizing those credits whenever you prefer. This is perfect for those who may not want to use every feature available.

Why We Don’t Like It

Although Charm Date markets itself as a dating website overflowing with beautiful women, this platform actually has an overwhelming dominance of men. Of course, you may be willing to take the chance on a disproportionate ratio in order to find your Eastern European bride!

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6. International Cupid

International Cupid is a large online dating platform that will match you with people from around the world. If you have ever found yourself saying that the men or women in your city were all the same, this could be the dating website for you! It has amazing reviews from members all over the world, claiming to have made amazing connections and fallen head over heels in love.

Why We Like It

This dating website gives you the opportunity to meet the love of your life and travel to a brand new country, enjoying the sights and eating cultural foods. We cannot think of any date much better than that! International Cupid allows you to get out of your stale dating routine with the people and dating venues in your area, and meet people from different countries and of different nationalities.

Why We Don’t Like It

International Cupid needs to get tech savvy quickly! While they do have a dating website, their dating app is only available to Android users, which is totally unfair to iOS users! We are sure iPhone users want to meet the love of their lives too and travel all over the world with them!

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7. Interracial Match

Interracial March is the largest online dating website for those who desire a interracial relationship. If you are eager to meet someone from a different ethnic or cultural background than yourself, this is absolutely the perfect dating platform for you.

Why We Like It

Interracial Match offers a unique feature allowing members to state their intent on the platform. This takes the guess-work out of wondering if the person you’re interested in is there for a fling, a friendship, or a relationship. We all know how frustrating it can be when someone does not know what they want!

Additionally, Interracial Match supplies a fun match-making roulette service such that you can discover all different kinds of people and improve your odds of connecting with someone you like.

Why We Don’t Like It

Although Interracial Match claims to provide top tier profile verification and to perform regular catfishing and fake account bans, there are an overwhelming amount of reviews that state this dating platform is overrun with fake accounts and scams. Be wary!

Furthermore, Interracial Match only provides its dating app for Android users. Unfortunately iOS systems will not support its platform, yet they can still navigate it through utilizing a web browser.

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8. Ukraine Date

Ukraine Date is an online dating application and website that gives Westerners the opportunity to meet attractive, young Eastern European women. Comparable with Charm Date, this platform is perfect for you if you are looking for a long-distance and long-term relationship in Eastern Europe.

Why We Like It

Ukraine Date has an amazing chat feature which supports both audio and video calls. The audio call aspect is ideal for those who may be too timid to meet “face-to-face” but desire the intimate connection that talking over the phone can deliver.

Moreover, communicating with your potential match can be a seamless and smooth experience with Ukraine Date. This dating platform provides a top notch translation service, ensuring that you completely understand those doting love notes in your own language.

Why We Don’t Like It

Security can be a double-edged sword! Although Ukraine Date has an exceptional moderation service, removing catfishing and scamming users regularly, they also remove inactive profiles automatically. This means that if you haven’t engaged on their platform for a while, you will be permanently deleted and you cannot even use the same email address to create another account.

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9. Interkontakt

Interkontakt is a dating website for Russians looking for both casual hook-ups and serious commitments. It is one of the dating sites that has been around the longest in Europe, since the late 1990’s, and it has clearly stood the test of time.

Why We Like It

Interkontakt provides short and sweet profiles, complete with a photo and various small details. Although some dating apps and sites provide an in-depth biography, a long profile can detract from forming a genuine and honest connection with someone. Interkontakt allows for that “love at first sight” feeling when you come across the profile of someone attractive; furthermore, asking people questions and engaging naturally confirms if you have that romantic spark!

Why We Don’t Like It

Although Interkontakt is a well-established app and site, they have not taken a great many steps forward in terms of security and identity verification. While many other dating websites are taking safety of their members seriously, this seems something that needs to be improved upon here.

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10. Tinder

Last but certainly not least, we are hitting it out of the park with Tinder. Tinder is the most well-known dating app and site today! Tinder claims to be for people looking for various types of relationships from friendships to flings to serious commitments. However, it has become more of a platform for a casual hook-up or a hot fling.

Why We Like It

Tinder is so much fun! It works by providing different pictures of people in your area; you can swipe through them, indicating which ones you find attractive. Likewise, your profile will show up in their stack of photos. If both of you find eachother attractive, voila! You have made a match! You can then connect by reaching out via message and getting to know eachother or setting up a date in person.

Why We Don’t Like It

Mirror mirror on the wall… Tinder is incredibly superficial. Whether someone will find you attractive enough to swipe on you from your profile picture is the main concern when utilizing this app. Only after that will you be able to talk about your beliefs, interests, goals, hobbies and values. If you are prone to self-image or ego issues, this may be a dating app you wish to stay clear of. That said, at least any rejection is anonymous!

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