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Facebook has basically taken over the digital marketplace for buying and selling used items (something that Craigslist used to dominate). But even though it’s super accessible, there are some major Facebook Marketplace scams that buyers and sellers each need to be aware of.

FB Marketplace has become super popular because of the easy app for listings and browsing, as well as the ability to reach a larger audience. It is also thought to be safer than Craigslist because of the fact that you need a Facebook account to use the marketplace and personal information doesn’t have to be given out in the listings. Plus, communication is done strictly through Facebook Messenger.

But is Facebook Marketplace really safer? Unfortunately, no. One would only hope that anyone with a Facebook account would be a real person with good intentions. Like anything online though, where there is an opportunity for deceit, it will be taken by scammers. According to Web Tribunal, over one billion people use Facebook Marketplace each month. This makes it a great target for scammers and, of course, they do use it.

However, even with all of the potential scams, there are some best practices that you can employ that will help to safeguard you from being tricked. Knowing what scams are out there and how to avoid them you can definitely arm yourself against fraud. Here are the top 15 Facebook Marketplace scams that you will need to watch out for.

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