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For a long time, psychic readings were a well-kept secret of a small and loyal audience. But, now that they’re online, they’ve become a mass phenomenon.

However, while many people benefit from the insights of online psychics, others stay away from them, fearing the high cost of being charged by the minute.

In response, most of the best psychic sites now advertise free psychic readings.

Still, is it really possible to get an actual free reading?

While a completely free psychic reading with a professional reader doesn’t really exist, you can get free and highly discounted minutes off a session on specific sites.

To help you find some of these special deals, here is a list of what we feel are the top sites where you can find a free psychic reading online.

Real Free Psychic Reading Websites (Discounts + Free Minutes)

  1. Kasamba – 3 FREE minutes + 70% OFF 
  2. AskNow – $1/minute deals + *FREE Master minutes
  3. Psychic Source – $1/minute deals + free minutes
  4. Keen – 10-minutes reading for $1.99

1. Kasamba – Best for *Free Psychic Love Reading (70% OFF)

Most people consider Kasamba the Mecca of online psychic reading (especially in matters of love), and understandably so.

With over 20 years of experience, they offer readings in almost every imaginable category. 

From Astrology and Aura readings to Spiritual and Tarot readings, the love psychics at Kasamba have the largest esoteric repertoire of any site online to answer your romantic questions.


Although a psychic prediction on Kasamba ranges between $3.99 and over $30 a minute, all their psychics are included in Kasamba’s free minute offers.

The site offers three free chat minutes with each new advisor, allowing new customers to effectively test drive a psychic reader before committing to a paid reading. 

Once you settle on an advisor, Kasamba will give you another three minutes free with your first reading.

Kasamba also offers a satisfaction guarantee that will refund up to $50 if you are dissatisfied with your reading. 

You also have a chance to get 70% off your first psychic reading session.


Every psychic reading platform has its specialty, and for Kasamba, it’s love and relationships.

From breakups and divorce to soul mate connections, you should be covered at Kasamba with psychic readers who are acknowledged masters in matters of the heart.

Aside from the traditional astrology and tarot readings, Kasamba also has some unique esoteric tools to see you through your romantic challenges.

The site offers  palm readings, graphology or “handwriting analysis” and Kabbalah readings, just to name a few.

We also love that it’s easy to find a psychic on Kasamba. 

Each category of reading has a heading on the main menu so that you can quickly cut to the chase and see the full profile, customer reviews and pricing for whatever type of psychic reader you’re interested in.

After that, you can schedule a chat, email consultation or consult phone psychics.

There is also an extensive “Articles” section with informative pieces on various spiritual topics and an “All About Psychics” section to help you set up and better utilize your free psychic reading session.


  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Three free chat minutes with each new reader
  • Wide variety of readings offered
  • Best free psychic readings on love
  • Three free minutes off your first reading
  • 70% off your first session


  • Email readings can take up to 24 hours for a response

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 2. AskNow – Best for Accurate *FREE Tarot Readings

Although they’re not the oldest or most experienced of the online psychic readers we’re featuring, AskNow is no newbie to the world of psychic services.

Over the last 17 years, their tarot reading has distinguished them as a standout among the competition. 

Whether you want insights on your career, spirituality or love, you should have no problem finding experienced tarot readers at AskNow.


When it comes to psychic readings deals online, AskNow probably has the best free minutes deals.

With each of their $1-a-minute packages for 10, 20 or 30-minutes, AskNow also offers five FREE Master minutes.

Master minutes are the site’s highest-rated and most expensive psychic readers who charge from $13.99 a minute and up. 

Five free minutes with any of these psychic readers would represent upwards of a $70 value. If you add that to any of the $1-a-minute deals, we’re talking about some serious savings.


AskNow is famous for its tarot readings.

However, aside from their online tarot readings, the site also has a veritable tarot school in its “Articles” section. 

With informative pieces on different decks, individual card meanings and the relation of tarot to the world of science, AskNow provides a wealth of information regarding tarot cards.

But if the tarot isn’t your thing, there are also many other types of psychic predictions on the site.

From astrology predictions and dream analysis to life readings, runes and numerology readings, AskNow has a wide variety of readings to choose from via phone or online chat.

We also love the straightforward nature of finding a psychic on AskNow. 

Their easy-to-use search filter allows you to select an advisor based on reading type, advisor rating and reading category.


  • 17 years experience 
  • Experienced tarot card readers
  • Five free Master minutes (with a paid reading)
  • 10-, 20- and 30-minute $1-a-minute deals
  • Easy-to-use search filter


  • Satisfaction guarantee only refunds up to five minutes site credit

>> Explore the range of psychic readings on the official [AskNow] website >>

3. Psychic Source – Best for *Free Psychic Medium Readings

Believe it or not, there was Psychic Source before Tesla or Instagram.

Offering psychic reading services now for over 30 years, Psychic Source is the oldest psychic site, and it’s still going strong.

Specializing in mediums and spiritual readings, Psychic Source has been the most trusted source for communication to the other side for more than a generation.


Not only does Psychic Source set the standard for tradition in the psychic reading world, but they’re also in the vanguard when it comes to free psychic readings.

Apart from the three free minutes they offer with your first reading, Psychic Source also has 10, 20 and 30-minute packages for as low as $1 a minute, allowing you to try out a range of legit psychics at a great discount until you find the right one.


Featuring not only online chat, phone and email readings, Psychic Source is the only one of our top four psychic websites that offers video readings as well. 

This feature is a big plus for anyone who would like to simulate the feel of an actual “in-person” reading.

However, although they have many different types of readings, what Psychic Source excels at are the spiritual readings given by their renowned mediums

If you feel a need to communicate with a departed loved one, a trained psychic medium at Psychic Source should be able to make that happen.

We also love their straightforward “Find a Psychic” tool that makes hooking up with a psychic simple.

All you have to do is answer some basic questions, and within seconds, you will be matched with a psychic that’s right for you.

In addition, Psychic Source also has an “About Psychic Readings” feature that not only explains the various reading techniques, such as tarot card readings, but also offers pointers on getting the most out of your reading. 

There is also an extensive “Articles” section on everything psychic and spiritual, thus making Psychic Source the most educational site we’ve reviewed thus far.


  • Most experienced online psychic service
  • 10, 20 and 30-minute packages for $1 a minute
  • Affordable online psychic readings
  • Experience psychic mediums
  • Three FREE minutes off your first session
  • Great “Articles” and “All About Psychic Readings” sections


  •   Free minutes deal for new customers only

>> Chat with an experienced psychic medium here [Psychic Source] >>

4. Keen – Best for *Free Psychics Gifted in Astrology Readings

Boasting the largest community of online psychics and 20 years of experience, Keen is big enough to offer any type of psychic prediction you desire and old enough to do it well. 

Yet, it’s their astrology predictions and horoscopes that they’re best known for.

Besides the quality of their various psychic readings, Keen also has some enticing deals for free psychic readings.  


Keen isn’t our top pick when it comes to getting a free psychic reading online, but they have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Giving you the first three minutes of your first reading free and then a follow-up deal offering 10 minutes for only $1.99, Keen allows you to gain some traction by being able to experience a few different real psychics at a low cost.


With so many different psychic readers on their site, Keen offers various readings. 

But if you want the best, you should probably opt for one of their horoscope experts to do an astrology reading. 

Whether your question involves career, family or the future, a talented Keen astrologer should be able to give you an eye-opening online psychic reading.

Another thing we love about Keen is that shopping for a reading is pretty straightforward. Keen’s “Find Your Best Psychic Advisor” search filter makes things much easier. 

It’s on the home page and allows you to search through the detailed profiles of Keen’s gifted psychics based on the type of reading you want, price range and whether you desire a phone reading or chat.

But before you do that, perhaps it might be a good idea to consult their “Readings 101” feature first.

It’s in the Advisors section filled with all kinds of pertinent information on readings, including how to choose a psychic reader and the best questions to ask in a reading.


  • Largest collection of psychics
  • Three FREE minutes with your first reading
  • 10 minutes for $1.99 for new customers
  • Reliable online psychic readings
  • “Find Your Best Psychic Advisor” search filter


  • Limited customer service hours if you have a problem

>> Get 10 Min for $1.99 on the official [Keen] website >>

How We Chose the Best Free Psychic Reading Sites

Back in the day, jack-of-all-trades readers conducted most psychic readings. 

They specialized in one type of tool and used it to answer whatever question you had. Sessions usually lasted 30 minutes or an hour, and payment was in cash.

Today, online psychic readings provide us with an internet full of psychic specialists. As a result, it’s much easier to find a reader, and readings are now charged by the minute.

Yet, even though getting a reading is more convenient now, some new difficulties also exist.

With so many scams online, it can be challenging to narrow down to the best online psychic readers.

Here are some of the criteria we used to determine our top picks for the best free psychic reading with a talented online psychic.

Selection of Psychics

Searching for the right psychic is like searching for the right hairstylist. It’s not enough that they’re good. They also need to “get” you. 

It’s also crucial for a psychic reader to be able to tell you what you need to know in a way that you can hear it. 

With these things in mind, we chose sites with a wide enough selection of psychic readers so that you can find the one who’s right for you.

Psychic Screening Process

Fake psychics are an unfortunate reality, so a psychic site must screen its psychic readers. For this reason, we only went for online psychic reading websites with a rigorous screening process.

Unfortunately, even if the site screens its psychic readers, an occasional charlatan could make it through. 

This is where customer reviews come in. We read hundreds of customer reviews and narrowed our top picks down to sites with readers who have done many readings and have the customer feedback to show for it.

Price Per Minute

The price per minute is the base fee that every psychic charges. Depending on the psychic reader, the cost can range anywhere from $0.99 to $30 a minute.

However, like with a bottle of wine, more expensive is not always better

A less expensive psychic who has done thousands of readings with high customer ratings is often better than a higher-priced psychic reader with a small clientele. 

That’s why we considered customer satisfaction more than price when selecting our top picks. 

Site Reputation

Online psychic readings are very much a “let the buyer beware” business, so the reputation of an online psychic reading site is everything.

Probably the most crucial factor to consider when it comes to reputation is how long the site has been around. 

Three of the four online psychic sites we’ve reviewed have been online for over 20 years, and the fourth has been around for 17.

To have lasted that long all of these sites would need to have consistently delivered accurate psychic readings online for a reasonable price. Otherwise, how could they have stayed in business?

Site Confidentiality

Online commerce has its pros and cons. One of those cons is website safety and confidentiality.

For this reason, apart from accurate readings, we ensured every website we reviewed has a secure way to receive your payment and is vigilant about protecting your personal information.

We also paid attention to how the site regulates its online psychics, ensuring your safety and privacy are at the forefront of their priorities.

Types of Psychic Readings Offered

We believe any site that wants to stay competitive in the world of psychic readings needs to offer a wide variety of accurate readings.

This is partly because different customers are partial to varying types of oracles, so it’s crucial to reflect that diversity.

For this reason, we only chose sites that offer a variety of readings to make it easier for you to find what you seek.

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Ask a Psychic A Free Question: Your Questions Answered

Are Psychics All-Knowing?

No, psychic readers are not all-knowing. They are human, just like the rest of us.

To say they’re all-knowing would mean there is nothing left in life for them to learn or discover.

However, the reality is that psychic individuals possess extrasensory abilities that exceed our normal human capacity. 

These gifted clairvoyant psychics use their talents in readings to guide others toward their personal evolution.

 Another way of explaining this would be an old saying, “in the land of the blind, the person with one eye is king.”

What Type of Questions Can I Ask a Free Online Psychic?

You can ask a free online psychic anything you like. However, if you want your reading to be productive, you should keep some basic things in mind.

  • Pick one thing to discuss: Psychic experts are usually at their best when asked to focus on a single issue.
  • Try to avoid yes or no questions: Rather than will I get the job, ask instead, what can I do to improve my chances of being hired?
  • Try to keep the questions about your behavior: That way, the advisor can keep the reading focused on you instead of being distracted by the challenges surrounding another person’s destiny.

What Is the Best Psychic Reading – Chat Psychics, Phone Psychics or Video Readings?

The best type of psychic reading is the one you feel the most comfortable with.

For instance, chat psychics would probably be your best bet if you are shy or value your privacy.  

In comparison, phone readings are a little less private, though you still have the anonymity of not being seen.

However, if you want to simulate the atmosphere of an in-person reading and watch your online psychic work, a video reading would probably be your best choice.

Whichever format you decide on, a professional online psychic at a site like Kasamba should be able to give you the quality psychic reading you’re looking for.

Is There Such a Thing as an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading Online?

Yes, there is such a thing as an absolutely free psychic reading. 

Some facebook sites offer totally free readings. That said, the readers there are usually newbies looking for experience rather than professional online psychics.

When it comes to professional online psychic reading sites, “free” usually refers to the free minutes offered as a promotional incentive to draw new customers.

While these free minutes offered by sites like Kasamba and Keen are not totally “free,” they provide enough time for a quick question to try out the psychic.

Discounted minutes also come under the heading of free readings, such as the $1 a minute deals offered by Psychic Source and AskNow

While these are not totally free readings, they are excellent deals that provide significant savings over the standard price per minute.

Are Free Psychic Readings 100% Accurate?

No, unfortunately, free psychic readings are not 100% accurate. 

Honestly, psychic readings, in general, aren’t 100% accurate either.

Look at it this way. Psychic readings are accurate in much the same way poetry is when it can reflect our feelings and provide insights that allow us to live our lives better. 

Hence, much of the information given in psychic readings is extremely useful but not 100% accurate.

Which Free Psychic Reading Service Is Available 24/7?

Kasamba, AskNow, Psychic Source and Keen all provide free readings 24/7.

When Is the Best Time To Get a Free Psychic Chat?

The best time to get a free psychic chat depends on two things.

The first is that you have time available when you won’t be interrupted, and the second is that you’re prepared to hear the truth about whatever is bothering you, even if it may be difficult.

What Are the Benefits of Free Psychic Readings Online?

Free psychic readings online offer many benefits. Here are some ways a free psychic reading online can benefit you.

  • Gets you out of your head and into the truth: A free psychic reading online can offer an exciting new perspective that may open your mind to new possibilities and a new reality.
  • Offers a chance to heal: Getting a psychic reading may help you see a future beyond whatever pain or worry is riding on your back.
  • Opens up your creativity: Psychic experts represent creativity knocking at our door. Are you willing to open your awareness to the insights and inspiration of a psychic reading?
  • Offers a chance at new love: It’s a well-kept secret, but sometimes psychic experts are the ones who are really shooting Cupid’s arrows. If you’re lonely, try a psychic reading to see if that mischievous cherub has you in its crosshairs.

What Are the Things To Avoid When Getting a Psychic Reading Online?

There are a few things to avoid when getting a psychic reading online:

  • Asking a yes or no question: The universe is never simply black or white. Your growth and evolution is a continual grayscale.
  • Talking too much: “If you’re talking, you can’t be listening.” Let the psychic take center stage in the psychic reading.
  • Bringing the psychic your stress: The mood you bring in an online psychic reading session can affect how the psychic performs. Try some breathing exercises beforehand. You need to be relaxed and open, so the psychic can connect effectively with you.

What’s the Best Site for Free Online Psychic Readings?

To be clear, the term “free psychics” is actually referring to free and/or discounted minutes, not an entire psychic reading for free.

However, since psychic readings are charged by the minute, getting a few free or discounted minutes with an online psychic who can regularly cost anywhere from $5 to $30 a minute is definitely a bargain.

For instance, Kasamba gives you three free chat minutes with each new online psychic you try, which is a great way to test an advisor before you commit to being on the clock for a free online psychic reading.

Other *free psychic reading websites like Psychic Source and AskNow have 10, 20 and 30-minute packages available for $1 a minute. Just do the math, and you’ll see how much those deals can save you.

So, if you’re interested in a free/discounted psychic reading, all of our top picks have the best online psychics waiting to offer you savings on a psychic reading that might just change your life.

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