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By Jon Friedman

Think of a dating app as a glorified blind date — only better — you have the home court advantage.

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Like bungee jumping, leaping out of a plane and riding on a mechanical bull, looking for love on dating apps is not for the faint of heart.

You may be thinking, at least when you throw yourself out of a plane, you get a parachute to ease your fall, right?

You may fret: But I’m too old to use a dating app! I don’t know whether to swipe right or left! An “LTR” — say WHAT? I don’t even recognize the difference between Match (MTCH) and Hinge — or un-Hinged, for that matter. I mean, I don’t understand how much of a lie to write down to impress a stranger. And I went to Harvard — and Stanford!

Let me put your mind at ease. NOBODY is too old to use a dating app — or to master one, for that matter. Keep it simple, stupid: Just think of a dating app as a glorified blind date — only better.

When you agree to go on a blind date, you have put yourself at the mercy of a well-meaning friend or a loved one who is so anxious for you to settle down that they would celebrate your attraction to a doorknob.

This do-gooder has ASSURED you that your future companion is great looking, charming, tall enough, cultured, financially secure, culturally and politically simpatico with you, refined, well-educated and a witty conversationalist. You imagine having either a latte or a martini or a meal with someone glib, funny, quick-witted — and did I mention great looking?

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Then, within five seconds of ringing the doorbell and saying hello, you wish you were back home, in front of the TV set, checking out Netflix (NFLX) or Amazon (AMZN) Prime or the ballgame or Anderson Cooper or even the Weather Channel. Anything else!

On the other hand, online dating gives you a built-in home court advantage. With an online-dating app, you can gaze happily at a recent snapshot of your upcoming date and read the person’s profile. You possibly won’t be unpleasantly surprised. You have no obligations to meet the person in the photo. (Of course, if the person is a serial liar, all bets are off.)

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Creating a successful dating profile

Here, then, are 9 easy tips for thriving in the wild, wild world of online dating:

Now, go for it. Have an upbeat attitude, swipe away and let us know when you’re toasting your first wedding anniversary!

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Jon Friedman, who teaches The Beatles: Their Music, Influence and Legacy at Stony Brook University, is the author of the Miniver Press ebook “Goo Goo Ga Joob: Why I Am the Walrus Is The Beatles’ Greatest Song.”

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