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Every day somebody says or does something that earns them the scorn of the internet. Here at Digg, as part of our mission to curate what the internet is talking about right now, we rounded up the main characters on Twitter from this past week and held them accountable for their actions.

This week’s characters include a guy who thinks having more cops would prevent crypto scams, a Chris Evans fan who feels personally betrayed by Chris Evans living his life, a Redditor protecting sacred Christmas traditions by refusing to take in her daughter’s five-year-old half-sister and a guy who thinks Elon Musk is a hero.


Matt Stoller

The character: Matt Stoller, book writer, thought leader, scam and lawfulness enthusiast

The plot: Stoller, a think-tank/Substack-type fellow, weighed in on the recent fiasco surrounding FTX and cryptocurrency. Defunding the police was a bad idea, he said, because “virtually everything in cryptocurrencies was unlawful, there just aren’t enough cops to enforce the law.”

The repercussion: Stoller cashed in on the hot take economy — especially when we have no idea how long Twitter’s going to be around for — and I respect it. Fitting a defund the police angle into the ongoing crypto scam debate is such a low-risk high-reward strategy I’m mad we didn’t come up with it. A few people had fun with Stoller, while others tried quote-tweeting some sense into him — all-in-all a decent amount of engagement for an asinine take.

Adwait Patil


The character: A horny fan of Chris Evans who thought he was single?

The plot: This is where I would explain the “plot” of the Twitter drama, but for the first time, I cannot follow this. It’s akin to having someone explain QAnon conspiracy theories to me, or Pizzagate logic. Just nonsensical junk here.

I am out of words and out of brain cells to comprehend this. He lied? What?

This happens so often when we all collectively have a crush on someone famous, and then they begin dating, and we all ship ourselves onto non-realistic relationships, and it’s all a bunch of crap. He will never meet you, acknowledge you, or date you. Welcome to reality.

The repercussion: Celeb worship is a cancer on our society and led us to voting for a brain-dead game show host as president. This is just the peak of internet nonsense. Let the dunking commence!









Jared Russo


A Literal Grinch

The character: A Redditor who is absolutely the asshole for refusing to let her daughter’s five-year-old half-sister spend Christmas with her family

The plot: As it often does so well, Twitter surfaced a Reddit AITA post this week — and it’s especially apt for the holidays.

The OP of the post explains the situation thus: she has a 13-year-old daughter with an ex-husband, who went on to remarry and have a daughter who is now five years old. By OP’s own admission, the children are very close. The ex-husband’s wife has cancer and is going through treatment, and so the ex asked OP if their (five-year-old!) daughter could spend Christmas with OP and the 13-year-old, presumably so she could have a more decidedly cheery celebration.

OP said no. Reasons offered:

  • “My family’s traditional celebration is a sacred thing”
  • “I do not feel comfortable including anyone else”
  • “Plus it’d be awkward”

And when the ex pushed back, OP ended the discussion, saying she “was no longer feeling comfortable having this conversation.”

The Twitter user who surfaced the post (@punished_cait) said that over on Reddit, people were defending OP’s decision, saying that she “doesn’t owe” the five-year-old anything.

Which, I mean, sure: none of us owe anything to a FIVE-YEAR-OLD who isn’t our own child — but I think we can all agree that unless said five-year-old is some kind of murderous demon, it’s probably the right thing to do to look after them and try to, you know, give them a halfway decent childhood, especially if their mother has cancer.

The repercussion: On Twitter, at least, most people were on @punished_cait and the ex-husband’s (and the five-year-old’s!) side. Some people called the post out as seeming made-up, which is of course entirely possible and, for many AITA posts, likely. But it nonetheless got people’s blood boiling — a great way to get in the true holiday spirit.

That said, one user made a fair point in OP’s favor:

Molly Bradley


Matt Wallace

The character: Matt Wallace, cryptocurrency fan, Elon Musk lover

The plot: There’s no way you’ve missed all the Elon Musk-related goings-on at Twitter recently, but let’s recap some of the lowlights: employees being fired en masse, hate speech spiking on the app, and remaining Twitter staff being handed unfair and unrealistic ultimatums. In short: Elon Musk owning Twitter has been very, very bad.

But of course, there will always be some weirdos who think a capricious billionaire having total control over a social media platform is actually a good thing. Take Matt Wallace, who not only thinks Musk’s takeover is a positive, but somehow believes he’s making the world a better place.

Let me get this straight: not only has Wallace failed to acknowledge the damage Musk has done to the app so far, but he thinks it’s Elon — not the beleaguered (and now dwindling) group of Twitter employees — that is working hard to keep the platform going? A certain meme springs to mind…

(Also, how would being massaged by literally 100 different people be in any way practical or nice?)

The repercussion: Wallace was thoroughly dunked on, as he should be.


Darcy Jimenez


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