A TikTok of a scammer troll is going viral. Here’s where it comes from #nigeria | #nigeriascams | #lovescams

I don’t know if you’ve scrolled through TikTok enough to know what I’m referring to, but there’s a popular TikTok sound from a scambait video that people are using for a trend. The sound is of a scammer begging the scammer troll “DO NOT REDEEM THE CARD” multiple times in blood-curdling screams.

The TikTok video above is the source of a viral sound going around on the platform. It’s scambaiter KitBoga who posts him trolling scammers for fun. This particular one of him is taken from his Twitch channel, and you can find the clip around minute 3:29 onwards. You can also watch the smaller clip on that someone posted on YouTube below.

The clip of the angry and frustrated screams from the scammer trying to stop the troll from redeeming online gift cards is taken two years ago, but it recently resurfaced when a clip of it was uploaded on TikTok—not from KitBoga himself. The sound itself is so intense, but commenters on the TikTok clip remarked that it had massive potential for a great TikTok sound.

TikTok sounds usually come from any TikTok video. If the sound alone is funny enough, it can be used for memes—which is exactly what happened to Kitboga’s clip.

Users have used the sound to create content containing very dire advice, following the exact opposite of that advice. Examples include a user who explains that his family asks him to not drink alcohol because they have “addictive genes”, only for him to post with a bottle of alcohol.

Another use of the TikTok sound is of a user who emphasises how pilot whales go on land, despite it being very dangerous to do so. There are many others that use the sound for their own TikTok content, but honestly a lot of them seem very unhinged.

KitBoga still actively posts his scambait videos online, which you can watch on either Twitch or YouTube. But if you’re interested in watching me try and attempt to scambait, you can watch it on YouTube or below.

Scams and data breaches have been so common these days. Citizens’ data and photos allegedly being sold online, the Prime Minister’s Telegram account being hacked, and there’s even a recent Carousell breach. There are relentless attempts of phishing that seem legitimate, like “TNB Blackout compensation scam messages” and a “MySejahtera compensation scam”. Additionally, we reported of a Johor senior citizen who lost more than RM250,000 in online love scam and even a doctor who lost RM13k.

Remember to also do your fact-checking and research from reputable sources, do not click on any links even from the banks—always go to your browser and access the website by typing the URL yourself, or access it from the app. Scammers are getting very good at getting victims to hand over their username/passwords and OTPs—so keep vigilant. You can read more on what to look out for here.

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