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The Adult Friend Finder app sounds like a great virtual space to make some connections and pursue a relationship with like-minded people. It does all that while entertaining your primal side when you create your account and start making friends online.

Despite the Adult Friend Finder app’s popularity, questions like ‘Is Adult Friend Finder legit?’ and ‘Is Adult Friend Finder real?’ are not unheard of when people first encounter this app. We plan to silence rumors and answer all your queries with this insightful Adult Friend Finder Review.

Read on to find out if this hookup site meets your expectations.

The Big Scoop: Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

Believe it or not, adult friend finder made its debut decades before popular online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Founder Andre Conru came up with the concept way back in 1996 when virtual relationships were unheard in social circles.

Despite the unconventional premises, the AFF platform managed to attract a niche audience in record time. With time its active users grew in numbers, and the user interface evolved to make this website accessible to all types of members.

There were a few bumps along the way. For instance, the controversial lawsuit in 2007 caused much drama for AdultFriendFinder. It made people ask questions like “is Adult Friend Finder real?” or are the website owners scammers?

However, the team managed to put those preliminary charges behind them and start with a clean slate. The happy clientele using The AdultFriendFinder app proves its stellar record and legitimate practices.

These days, it entertains over a hundred million global members that can log in at any time from all parts of the world. The constant online activity allows AFF com to keep all members intrigued during the day and wee hours of the night.

The benefits of using Adult Friend Finder include:

  • A hassle-free online registration process
  • Interactive features to communicate with online users via chat, emails, live streaming, and video calls
  • Unlimited NSFW content for interested individuals
  • A great source for finding non-committed casual hookups
  • User-friendly interface with big fonts, prominent call to action buttons, and straightforward marketing
  • Credible payment methods
  • 24/7 customer support service to resolve technical glitches and explain service options
  • Live updates and news feed to stay attuned to new products and practices related to shake things up in your life
  • Budget-friendly packages for the Adult Friend Finder app premium membership
  • It’s safe for all types of sexual encounters
  • The AdultFriendFinder app comes with compatible versions for both Android and iPhone users
  • 5-star Adult Friend Finder review and online testimonials

Each Adult Friend Finder review talks about the simplicity of using this site and the amazing response users receive when they log into AdultFriendFinder com. Due to this, it’s listed as one of the most popular platforms for adult dating.

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Adult Friend Finder App Playbook: How Does Adult Friend Finder Work?

Online dating can feel stressful and add pressure on people only looking for a good time. AdultFriendFinder eliminates all pretenses and small talk by connecting you with open-minded individuals.

Whether you’re bored, lonely, or ready to take your dating life to the next level, you will find the right crowd on the AFF platform.

Best of all, AdultFriendFinder doesn’t have a complicated online registration process. You can sign up with a few simple clicks. Initial questions focus on basic profile details like your name, location, DOB (i.e., Date of Birth) with additional questions for user verification.

Moreover, the AdultFriendFinder app doesn’t waste time or hesitate in asking intimate questions. Prepare to go through a detailed checklist to select your sexual preferences, kinks, and other explicit information.

Standard questions ask on AdultFriendFinder com include:

  • Dating preferences (i.e., casual one night stands or prolonged friends with benefits companionship)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Physical attributes that you find attractive
  • Opinion on roleplaying and BDSM culture

Most of these details help the algorithm to match you with active users that share your niche interests. There are also options on whether or not you want specific details to be part of your user profile. This way, you can keep certain things about yourself hidden until you connect with a trustworthy online friend.

If the sheer number of questions and categories seem overwhelming, you can check mandatory boxes and complete your user profile at a later date. Subsequently, the AdultFriendFinder com allows you to build your profile and change answers whenever you want—in turn, empowering you to explore different aspects of adult friendships with minimum restrictions.

Besides this, you need to enter a username displayed on your profile and upload your photograph. Unlike other social networking sites, AFF users prefer profiles with real photographs, not silhouettes or generic images.

Is AdultFriendFinder com Free?

Online registration on the Adult Friend Finder app includes an unlimited free trial program. It allows you to test the waters before you commit to a paid membership. Alternatively, it means that your in-app browsing privileges, real-time interactions, and viewing options might come with a limit.

Despite that, most non-paid services appear promising for casual flings and virtual connections. You can share videos and photographs, exchange media content, and chat with other active users without any charges.

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Adult Friend Finder Review: Price Plan

Once you’re ready to raise the stakes with your friends with benefits, you can opt for a paid membership. Becoming a Gold Member on AdultFriendFinder com comes with additional perks and privileges to support your love life.

The AFF app features a flexible price plan to make its services accessible to interested subscribers. Hence, allowing you to switch to premium without maxing out on your credit card.

Here’s the breakdown of the premium packages on AdultFriendFinder com:

Premium Plan

Monthly Cost

Total Cost

Monthly Payment Plan for Gold Membership

$39.95 billed every month


3-Month Gold Membership Plan



Yearly Gold Membership Payment Plan



In addition, AFF com gold memberships come with countless premium features. You can access the same services regardless of the price plan you choose. There’s one condition, though. All payments for AdultFriendFinder go through authentic channels.

Adult Friend Finder com only accepts payments through debit cards and credit cards. It helps maintain privacy and secure transactions. You can choose between Visa, Mastercard, or Discover when you fill in your billing details during registration.

In a way, their payment rules and regulations have their advantages. For example, online transactions via credible billing accounts are safer and more transparent. In turn, they are reducing the risk of scams and foul play.

Do you want to know more about AdultFriendFinder com?

Head over to the official website to read the fine print and discover more about AFF paid services.

Free Membership vs. AFF Gold Membership: How Does Adult Friend Finder Work for Each User?

At AdultFriendFinder, you don’t have to pay tons of money to try different services. There are loads of free activities available for non-paying account holders.

Here’s a sneak peek of what these services entail:

  • You can preview individual user profiles, uploaded photos and videos
  • Some live streams are accessible through the free account
  • All users can comment and like media content available to the public
  • You can become a member of niche groups for singles as well as swingers
  • NSFW blogs and mature content are available for online viewing without any charge
  • Your user profile includes an exclusive customizable ‘hot list’ for your viewing
  • Unlimited browsing and searching are open to all free/paid clients

In short, the right dating tactics can help you form a no-strings-attached relationship through your free account.

On the flip side, the gold membership on AdultFriendFinder com opens more lines of communication and juicier features. You can use these options to get more close and personal with other active users.

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What Are the Perks of Paying for AFF Gold Membership?


Here’s a glimpse of what free account holders miss:

  • Access to complete bio and profiles of registered members on AFF com
  • A chance to create groups and add friends to your AFF user profile
  • Advanced chat options for instant messages and live streaming with other users on AdultFriendFinder com
  • Direct Messaging options become available after you sign up for premium membership
  • Better search options and greater response from active users

Apart from that, many mature videos and live streaming services become available for viewing when you become a gold member. You’ll also attract more people and prospective partners after joining the elite ranks of membership.

Many female users perceive paying members as less threatening and more serious than members hanging around for free. In that way, you can look at gold membership on AdultFriendFinder as a credibility badge.

Besides this, AdultFriendFinder features a ranking system that operates on points. Like any competition, your scorecard gives you an advantage over other players (members in this case). Some free account holders can use these points to access private chat rooms and watch racy content without paying a penny.

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The Full Disclosure: Is AFF Worth the Hype?

In all honesty, the value the AdultFriendFinder app brings to your life varies from one person to another. Most of it depends on what you’re looking for in your romantic life and your objectives for online dating.

If you’re on the quest to find your one true love, AdultFriendFinder com isn’t the right online dating app for you. Alternatively, if you want casual flings and fulfill your fantasies, don’t hesitate to create an account.

With millions of registered dating profiles, the perfect match awaits you in one of those steamy chat rooms.

After going through the basics and price plans, we are ready to deep dive into the pros and cons of the Adult Friend Finder dating app.

Here’s everything you should know before signing up on AdultFriendFinder com:

The Good: A Great Site for Casual Dating & Flings


The reason for the AFF app’s popularity lies in the freedom it offers niche community members. You get a chance to meet like-minded adults who’re only there to have some fun. The atmosphere around the virtual space feels exhilarating as you turn fantasies into reality with a few clicks.

There are various features to try and people to meet whenever you log in on the AdultFriendFinder com. These include live streaming, blogging, social contests, sex education, casual dating, cyberdating, and more.

Here’s a closer look at all the exciting things you can do on AdultFriendFinder com:

Live Streaming Sessions

Some members participate in live streaming. Most webcams feature attractive models that take requests for different things. You can tip them for their performance to receive extra services.

The ‘Live Action’ button on the AFF com homepage directs you to the ‘Live Broadcasters Webcams.’ You can then choose a member to follow and watch all you want. Alternatively, you can get in front of the camera and become one of the popular models on this dating site.

Get Sex Education on AdultFriendFinder com

Whether you are new to the adult dating game or nervous about trying a new move, AFF members can guide you through this new chapter in life. Paid members can browse through video tutorials, read detailed guides, and chat with experienced members to improve the art of flirting and casual dating.

Blogs, Fanfics, and Mature Content

Find exclusive content on all types of topics focusing on your primal urges and fantasies via AFF magazine and blogs. There’s a section for self-help, online reviews for merchandise, and a special area for 18+ fanfiction.

Budding writers and avid readers can make the most of these services. Moreover, writers can thrive and hone their craft by receiving feedback and reviews from registered AFF members. It’s an added advantage for creators looking for a niche audience.

Sex Positive Forums and Adult Chatrooms

Discussions on kinks, fantasies, and even sexual health are common on AdultFriendFinder com. As a member, you can talk about anything related to real-life encounters and even have in-depth conversations about certain aspects of your sex life.

The online activity allows you to become part of a niche community and build more connections within AFF com.

Participate in Themed Competitions

AdultFriendFinder com knows how to keep things exciting and happening by bringing the community together. The adult site often hosts social contests to help users get more traction and earn points for exclusive services.

Most challenges feature a theme and basic guidelines that each participant follows. Submissions include photos, videos, and fictional content that revolves around the chosen prompt. Non-participants can view the content and vote for the winning prize.

It’s an excellent excuse to interact with new members and show off your wild side.

Flirt and Hookup

Dating can feel intimidating when you’re bar hopping alone. You might even be too busy to have a night out with the pending deadlines and hectic work routine. Adult sites like AFF com take the pressure off your shoulders with their carefree, sex-positive mindset.

Here you can play by your rules and flirt with strangers without looking like a loner (or sketchy stalker). A flirt feature with a wink emoticon lets other members know you’re interested in them. If they reciprocate an interest, they will wink back, and then you can move on to building friends with benefits and companionship.

More importantly, interactions on AdultFriendFinder are steamier than other online dating apps. That means you can accelerate your dating game after a few interactions. You can even opt for one-night stands without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Best of all, you can evade the drama surrounding clingy exes and desperate partners by putting all the cards on the table before your first meeting.

Join the Mutual Appreciation Club

Do you remember the tips we mentioned while explaining the live streaming service? If you’re an active user, you might use this option in other areas of interest too. AdultFriendFinder allows users to give and receive virtual gifts (i.e., points, votes, videos, and freebies) and monetary tips to woo the other party.

Apart from this, AFF com offers budget-friendly gifts for purchase. You can use these tempting offerings and gain the attention of someone you’re attracted to online. These trinkets and tips can eventually lead to an in-person date.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can wind up being on the receiving end of this gifting session. Isn’t that cool?

Meet your match on the Adult Friend Finder app for a no-strings-attached relationship!

The Bad: Ad Explosion and Spammy Encounters

Like all good things on the internet, the Adult Friend Finder platform isn’t free from faults. These little hiccups can be the breaking point for users who want cleaner, ad-free interfaces, and non-spammy communication channels.

The disadvantages of the AFF app include:

  • Non-stop clickable ads and popup ads that disrupt your online experience
  • Technical glitches that occasionally crop up
  • Outdated web design that can seem unappealing to millennials
  • The presence of inactive users and fake accounts
  • Spambots that waste your time

Most of these disadvantages indicate that AdultFriendFinder needs a significant website upgrade. All other features and services score 10/10 when it comes to the actual performance of this social platform.

The Ugly: Beware of Scammers!

Is Adult Friend Finder real? Yes.

That said, you might stumble across fake accounts during your pursuit for flings.

If you’ve ever caught an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, you know that your fantasies can transform into a nightmare if you meet the wrong person. AdultFriendFinder com can become the premise of such an episode if you’re not careful.

Luckily, fake account artists are easy to identify and this Adult Friend Finder review shows you how to detect them.

Your average scammer will:

  • Avoid coming on camera.
  • Have photoshopped profile photos or celebrity avatars instead of real photographs
  • Ask for money by sharing their sob story. Here the common scenarios include college debt, death of a loved one, sick family member, car trouble, unemployment, and the list goes on and on. Exit the chat when these theatrics come into play to save your money and time.
  • Share contradictory statements during conversation and avoid disclosing their age.
  • Say no to in-person meetups.
  • Spam you or sound desperate when you don’t respond

In other words, watch out for sketchy behavior and stay away from members who fail to build a two-way relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions about AFF: Is the Adult Friend Finder App Right for You?


Adult Friend Finder com may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet, it’s an excellent choice for adults looking for unorthodox dating options. We have rounded up all the reasons you should create a dating profile on this app with answers to other burning questions.

Here’s the 411 on the hottest dating app in the virtual world:

Q1. Why Should You Join AFF com?

AdultFriendFinder caters to a vast community of users in pursuit of a spicier love life.

Everyone from newcomers in the city, married swingers, to singles with specific kinks are welcome on this hookup site.

As per, our review AFF com can be a great place to:

  • Experiment with your partner or find someone with similar fantasies
  • Have a low maintenance relationship with zero pressure
  • Connect with new people in the area within your niche community
  • Lead a secret life that’s fifty shades of grey with open-minded people

You will enjoy the AFF app if you fit one of these categories or are interested in exploring your primal side.

Try AFF today to get lucky! Click here to sign up on the AdultFriendFinder platform.

Q2. Can You Pursue a Solely Virtual Relationship on AFF?

Yes, you can.

Once you create an account, you have total control of how and when you date. The Adultfriendfinder app has something for everyone with its diverse range of dating options. You can choose between live cams, sexting, and in-person meetups. There’s a niche category for couples and swingers who’d like to spice up their love life by adding another person into the equation.

Casual dating and hookup opportunities are limitless here, and many accommodate a screen-only format if you’re not ready for face-to-face meetups.

Q3. How to Identify Bots on AdultFriendFinder?

Dating apps like Adult Friend Finder com are notorious for entertaining chatbots and malicious bots. It’s a vice they can’t avoid when they have millions of subscribers logging in and out every day.

That’s why it’s up to you to look beyond the attractive profile and spot the bot.

Here are a few red flags to watch out for:

  • Notice repetitive patterns within the chat. Bots aren’t creative and will sound monotone when you move onto unique topics.
  • Malicious chatbots are never interested in long conversations. They will drop in an external link after 2-3 questions. This link can be a video, their alleged photographs, get rich schemes, etc. Such blatant link usage is an evident sign of a scam.
  • Observe the response time. Chatbots reply faster than an average user due to their autosaved script and conversation cues. If the other active user replies to your questions at an inhumane speed, the odds are high that you’re communicating with a bot.
  • They won’t turn on their camera. Both catfishers and bots will steer clear of video calls and live cam sessions. That’s because they are in for money and their wacky fantasy, unlike you.

These four signs are enough to differentiate between a bot and a real human person across the screen. They are hard to miss in most bot chats on online dating sites. If you do wind up ignoring a real person due to this checklist, don’t fret.

They were probably not worth the time.

Q4. What Should You Do If You Forgot Your Password?

Remembering passwords may not be your forte. AFF would not judge you on repeated ‘forgot my password’ requests. All registered users can change passwords as long as they have access to their verified email address.

Once you apply for a new password, the Adult Friend Finder com will share a new link via email with guidelines to switch credentials. You can use this information to change the username and password of your profile.

Q5.How Does Auto-Renewal Payment Work on AdultFriendFinder com?

Yes, the AdultFriendFinder app uses an automated payment renewal system. That means your debit or credit card gets charged on your designated renewal date each month/year. The date and amount charged depends on the chosen premium package.

Most users consider it a hassle-free way to renew their membership as per routine. If you’re not interested, you can opt for a manual renewal option.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to turning off auto-renewal payment on the AFF platform:

  1. Go to ‘My Account’[page.
  2. Scroll through available settings found on the top menu.
  3. Click the option for credit card and billing history.
  4. Select “Off” to cancel auto-renewal payment.
  5. Return to the main homepage to continue your online dating spree.

You can use similar steps to terminate your paid gold membership on Adult Friend Finder com. Remember that you will have to create a new account once you cancel your premium membership on this dating app.

Q6. How to Stay Safe on AFF?

As explained earlier and reviewed by , AdultFriendFinder isn’t free from online scammers and malware threats. Your only shield against these cyber threats remains to be constant vigilance. Be wary of hookup opportunities that feel too good to be true and anyone who asks for a financial transaction for their NSFW services.

Here are some other things to avoid scammers on the Adult Friend Finder app:

  • Always schedule first in-person encounters in a public space to maintain control over the situation.
  • Don’t share private details like residential/office address, phone number, or account details with other users.
  • Stay away from active profiles with different photographs and contradictory bios.
  • Never agree to intimate meetups until you have arranged a real-time video call to verify the reliability of the other user.
  • Stick to in-app communication unless you trust the other user.
  • Use our tips on identifying a bot to reduce the risk of getting trapped in a money scam.

These preventive measures will limit your interaction with fake profiles and con artists.

What’s Else Should You Know?

You have the right to say no and back out of a relationship if things get uncomfortable. You can decline requests and invitations at any point regardless of how far you’ve gone with the opposite party. The website cannot hold you accountable for cutting a hookup short under these circumstances.

When it comes to online dating on adult sites (or any site for the matter), common sense serves as the first line of defense against users with ulterior motives.

The Verdict: Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

We can guarantee that Adult Friend Finder works as a 100% legit dating app for people in the mood for no-strings-attached relationships. Its visual imagery and upfront guidelines give each user a general idea of the NSFW content that follows.

As a result, anyone willing to sign up knows what to expect and won’t judge you for your guilty pleasures. In this regard, we label AFF as a niche-friendly space for sexual relationships compared to conventional counterparts like Tinder. Everything from the interactive features and active user base sets the stage for some exciting times ahead.

The cost might seem steep, but there are sufficient free features that you can use before you switch to premium.

Overall, the Adult Friend Finder app operates as the ideal friends-with-benefit platform for all interested parties.

Did this Adult Friend Finder review pique your interest? Feel free to join in the fun at Adult Friend Finder com .


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