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Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has shared his own story of being robbed in France as he reacted to actor Annu Kapoor’s video, in which he said that he had been robbed of valuables during his Europe tour. Talking about his own experience in France, Hansal said that he, too, faced a similar fate as his cash and cards were stolen and he didn’t even have money to return to his hotel, all while carrying his two little daughters along. Also read: Annu Kapoor says his iPad, credit card, ‘lot of cash’ stolen in France; warns people of ‘pick-pockets, thieves’. Watch

Hansal took to Twitter on Friday to share his story. He wrote, “Saw a video of Annu Kapoor sir who was looted in France of his valuables and belongings. Had a similar experience at the Louvre museum where my wallet was picked and I was literally stranded without cash, debit or credit cards. More than anything else you feel terribly violated.”

He further added in another tweet, “I had my little daughters with me and had to frantically call my wife to either fetch us as we had no means to pay for our trip back to our hotel. Rest of the trip, a family vacation was ruined because of the anxiety and inconvenience caused by this theft. The cards were blocked.”

Saying the thief didn’t gain much, he added, “And totally worthless/useless to the thief. There was hardly any cash. Moral of the story: When in France beware of being robbed like this. India is often unnecessarily maligned.”

Hansal Mehta was robbed in France. 

Annu had shared a video from Europe on Thursday about his bad experience in France. He said in the video, “My Prada bag was stolen, which had a lot of cash in Swiss franc and euros, my iPad, my diary and credit card. They stole everything, so whenever you visit France, be very careful as there are pick-pockets, dishonest people and thieves here.”

Hansal Mehta married his partner Safeena Husain in California last month. They have two daughters together: Kimaya and Rehana.

Hansal’s last film directorial was Chhalaang in 2020. He recently directed Baai in anthology, Modern Love: Mumbai. He is also producing the second installment in the Scam series, this time on stamp paper scam kingpin Abdul Karim Telgi.

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