AI Scam Ad Complaints About Social Media Platforms Rise | #youtubescams | #lovescams | #datingscams

Where new technology goes, the unscrupulous follow. The generative artificial intelligence hype train has attracted fraudsters who aren’t only using it as part of their schemes, but in their ads on social media sites. What’s worse is that older and financially vulnerable people are sometimes the ones being targeted. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which polices deceptive advertising practices, saw a jump in complaints over the past year about ads that either used AI or claimed to use it to lure people into scams, according to a document of complaints obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by Bloomberg Opinion. At least a third of the complaints were about ads spotted on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which now face a new kind of misinformation adversary among their own advertisers.

There were just two ad-related complaints that mentioned AI to the FTC in the year to February 2023, but that number rose to 14 in the year to February 2024, coinciding with the explosion of generative AI tools that businesses are using to conjure humanlike text and photorealistic images and deepfakes.

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