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AI celebrity voice generators continue to gain traction, but who really owns the ‘voice’?

Bongani Bingwa speaks to Werina Griffiths, partner and trademark attorney at Adams and Adams about the legalities of artificial intelligence-generated content.

Is Morgan Freeman a buccaneers fan?

Local football cub Orlando Pirates recently shared a video to their social media with what is speculated to be Freeman as the narrator, but could it be AI?

Unlike traditional media, the rules around copyright when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) are not as clear.

Current laws do not make specific reference to AI and AI-related developments, which includes using the technology to mimic personalities or personality traits.

It is a concern because we are dealing with voices that are highly recognisable, immediately identifiable… that should tell you that there is something protectable there.

Werina Griffiths, partner and trademark attorney – Adams and Adams

In South African law, people can look to the right of privacy, under certain circumstances, or common law where a reputation exists.

This can lay the foundation for a legal claim to protect the ability to commercially exploit the personality as well as the consumer by avoiding confusion, Griffiths says.

With the example, I am confused now as to the association or endorsement of Orlando Pirates by Morgan Freeman.

Werina Griffiths, partner and trademark attorney – Adams and Adams

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