‘Amazon’ Valentine’s Day Scam Offers iPhones, Steals Personal Data: Report | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

A fraudulent link, primarily circulated on WhatsApp, offers users a chance to win free gifts as part of a fake ‘Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Campaign’.

CyberPeace Foundation and Autobot Infosec found that by clicking on the link and following the instructions on the page, your personal information could be stolen and a malware could be installed on your phone.

“If at all, a user gets into this trap, it could lead to the whole system being compromised, such as access to microphone, camera, text messages, contacts, pictures, videos, banking applications etc, as well as financial losses,” the report said.

Since the scam encourages sending the link through WhatsApp to multiple contacts, it could have a widespread impact, says Vineet Kumar, founder of CyberPeace. “It could be in the millions,” he says.

We are awaiting a comment from Amazon.

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