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African hair requires more attention to keep it healthy and manageable, but don’t just opt for any products, warns dermatologist Dr Pholile Mpofu.

Clement Manyathela speaks to dermatologist, Dr Pholile Mpofu on how to care for African hair.

Take everything you have learnt or thought you know about how to care and manage African hair and throw it out the window.

While many have been taught the importance of applying hair food each day, shaving regularly or even keeping the hair tied to manage – these can be quite harmful.

We have always thought that we should tie our hair up to keep it manageable, not realising that that pulls the hairline up and causes alopecia. Applying hair food every day? The greasiness of the scalp aggravates inflammation and causes acne.

Dr Pholile Mpofu, Dermatologist

Due to the uniqueness of African hair, it requires more attention and patience to manage.

People often opt for an array of products and chemicals for quick solutions without considering the formula or ingredients.

Refrain from purchasing products online and through social media without doing proper research.

Chances are they have not undergone the correct regulatory and testing procedures.

People are mixing things in their kitchens, bottling it up and selling it.

Dr Pholile Mpofu, Dermatologist

Over treating the hair is also a common occurrence.

Mpofu recommends washing your hair on a weekly basis to clear out any oils or product build-up.

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