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Google the word “best online psychics,” and a long list of related results will pop up. Psychics have become a part of our daily lives, helping us navigate the daily challenges. Whether you are worried about love, work, or the future, the best online psychics can help you make good decisions. Psychics help us understand the essential parts of our lives by explaining occurrences beyond our understanding.

With technological advancements, psychic services have moved from traditional office meetings to online forums. You can now meet some of the best online psychics on different platforms. It means you can get your psychic readings by phone at the convenience of your home. The services also cover various topics using other psychic mediums and types.

Online tarot readings, for example, cover all the essential parts of life that require making good decisions. Online platforms now have qualified tarot card readers available to clients on call. Unlike a common belief, online psychics are just as effective as they deliver psychic readings by phone and other approved channels.

However, a psychic reading online is not all rosy. The best online psychs can be expensive. You can also be a victim of scams as not all online psychics are legitimate. A free psychic reading is also hard to come by. We have, thus, put together a list of some of the best psychic sites where you get a guarantee of quality service. 

Top 5 Psychic Reading & Tarot Reading Sites To Know Your Horoscope

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Readings Online
  2. Kasamba – Trusted Psychic Readings & Tarot Readings
  3. Asknow: Expert Tarot Readers For Accurate Astrology Answers (Free 5 Minutes)
  4. Keen – Cheap Psychics For Spiritual Readings
  5. PsychicOZ – Accurate Tarot Reader For Career & Love Readings

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Psychic Readings Online

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is an online service offering the best online psychic readings. The company’s founders have decades of experience in the psychic business, having also founded Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics. You can get astrology readings from the more than 1,500 online phone psychics working on the platform. Purple Garden has a user-friendly interface making its navigation straightforward. The company also has an app for iOs and Android phones that lets you get accurate psychic readings anytime.

Purple Garden lets you have a phone psychic reading through video calls, chat, or voice calls. The company also helps you find the right psychic reader who can best answer your specific questions. On the website, you can look through psychic readers and select the one that meets your needs. The company is also flexible and lets you set your appointments at your convenience.

Browse psychics, read reviews, add money, and talk to a psychic from your phone anytime. Further, Purple Garden is one of the best sites for tarot card readings. They also offer a wide range of psychic readings, such as palm readings, harmony advisors, life advisory, and many more.


Purple Garden is among the best online psychic services due to its accurate readings. The company’s keen psychics are qualified and screened to ensure you deal with only professionals in their prime. The phone psychics at Purple Garden offer readings through video calls, voice calls, and chat. Most online psychic reading sites only communicate to you through a specific psychic medium, mainly chat-based online psychic readings.

To ensure you get the right psychic for your needs, Purple Garden may ask you for more information when you order a reading. Purple Garden also puts its psychic mediums into groups based on customer feedback. When you go to the website, the list of psychic readers is in order of how accurate their customers think their readings are. Those with the best readings are found at the top.

The company’s website also shows you which psychic readers are most popular. Because of this, it is easy to find the best psychic for your needs. Different psychics on Purple Garden charge different rates per minute. However, the company is clear about these prices. If you agree, customers can often get discounts from the company or the psychic.

Purple Garden also gives numerology readings to bridge the gap between what is known and what is unknown. You can learn a lot about yourself and your life through unique mystical experiences that you can have online.

The Purple Garden mobile app has features like push notifications, but its unique Journeys feature stands out. Journeys is a forum where Purple Garden users talk about their lives and share experiences. The company also has a policy for customer satisfaction that lets you get your money back if you are unhappy with the psychic services they provide.


  • Informative psychic profiles
  • Quick connection to tarot readers
  • Flexible hours to accommodate your needs
  • Credible company
  • A wide variety of online psychic readings
  • Highly qualified online psychics


  • No free psychic reading
  • No satisfaction guarantee

Why We Recommend

Services from Purple Garden are of the best quality. The team is working hard to help you avoid many of the risks of online psychic readings. You can also find several services like palm reading and dream analysis. The tarot card readings are also very accurate and reliable at Purple Garden.

The service prices are also affordable as the platform lets its readers decide their rates. Purple Garden wants your time there to be fun, easy, and full of interaction. The Journeys feature shows that the company wants to help you learn from other customers’ real-life experiences.

#2. Kasamba: Trusted Psychic Readings & Tarot Readings



Kasamba is one of the best-known places to get past life readings online. Since its start in 1999, Kasamba has helped more than three million customers through its gifted psychics. You will not get a phone psychic reading or video, but you can have an online chat or email one of their online psychics. Kasamba offers psychic and tarot readings, astrological readings, dream analysis, and energy healing psychic sessions.

Kasamba’s online psychic readers have profiles that list their specialties, experience, and reading types. Reading reviews from other customers is helpful because you can learn much from what they say. If you cannot decide which psychic to try, go to the Top Psychics section of Kasamba to see a list of the most highly rated psychics.

The psychic source is famous for tarot card readings and relationship readings. Kasamba has a staff of more than 250 online psychics who answer questions about love and relationships. Whether you are single and looking for love, married and worried your partner is cheating on you, or anything in between, Kasamba can give you a wide range of psychic readings via phone. So, you do not have to worry about making an appointment to meet the psychic in person.


Kasamba gives new customers three minutes of free psychic advice. It does not mean that you will get free online psychic readings. However, you can get your love readings at a 50% discount on the regular price. The best part is that you can use the three free minutes for every psychic service you get, not just the first one. The free minutes give people a real taste of the services, which makes it easier for them to decide if they want to pay for them or not. You can also choose from the 180 tarot reading list, selecting only the ones that best fit your needs.

Kasamba’s website has a blog section about helping you understand yourself better. It has how-to articles, listicles, and tips that can help you learn how different psychic reading techniques work. The blog also tells you about various psychic tools and mediums so you can make an informed decision about your psychic reading.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Online security settings for maximum protection
  • First-time users get three free minutes
  • Simple registrations process
  • Over 250 vetted psychics
  • Several good customer reviews


  • Experienced online psychics cost more
  • Mobile app services require membership

Why We Recommend

Kasamba is one of the most affordable psychic websites to get your love readings. All readers on Kasamba must set their prices per minute within the platform’s limits, thus protecting them from excessive charges. The platform also has a unique introductory offer that includes a 50% discount on first-time sessions.

#3. AskNow : Expert Tarot Readers For Accurate Astrology Answers (Free 5 Minutes)



AskNow is a network of psychics that started in 1989. The psychic source has stood the test of time because it offers good services, like fortune-telling. Thousands of people have found the best psychic readers through the online platform. AskNow is the oldest network in the business, but that is not the only thing that keeps people coming back. It also has an excellent reputation and a lot of good reviews. The network is known for keeping its customers happy and giving accurate predictions.

As with any business, quality and customer satisfaction may decline if service providers are not closely watched. Online psychics at AskNow undergo a strict hiring process and regular checks for quality to ensure they are on the right track. It shows how much the website wants to help its customers.


AskNow has ensured that its website is not only flawless but also user-friendly. You will be able to use all features of the platform’s website even if you have never been on the network before. The network’s advanced search filter lets you sort psychics, by type of reading, method, and cost. The platform also has a clear payment system that ensures all transactions are safe.

AskNow only has a small number of psychics because the company is very picky about who they hire. The strict hiring process makes sure that only psychics who know what they are doing give an accurate reading. AskNow gives many helpful tips to help people get the most out of their psychic readings so that their clients can have a better experience. It includes how to better connect with a reader and spot fraudsters who may have gotten into the network. On the psychics’ profile pages, they also go the extra mile to give you more information about them.


  • Services available 24/7
  • Accurate psychic readings by phone, online chat, video, or email
  • Simple application process
  • Quality and cheap fortune-telling
  • Free three minutes for new customers
  • Provides a 100% money-back guarantee


  1. Some experts are expensive
  2. Have a fewer psychics

#4. Keen: Cheap Psychics For Spiritual Readings



Keen has been around for over 20 years and has gathered enough experience to be one of the best in the industry. Even though Keen has been around for a long time, it keeps things fresh with an updated website. The company’s filtering system is also the most advanced one out there. They have an extensive network of psychic readers who work hard to help and empower their clients.

The company’s psychics go straight to the point and will not sugarcoat the truth. They will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear in response to your most important questions.

With over 1,700 psychic readers to choose from, the company has more psychics than almost any other online psychic platform. So, Keen has it all, whether you want a reading about your numbers, your pet, angel cards, or your love life.

The online psychic reading platform also offers the best tarot card readings with the help of its qualified team. Keen can help you find meaning, get closure, and discover secrets through tarot cards.

There are no two keen psychics who are the same. Moreover, they have unique abilities, characteristics, and purposes. They give their services a personal touch so that you can get insightful and spiritual readings.

Keen also has the largest and most varied selection of psychic reading services, such as spiritual readings, Chinese astrology, angel readings, dream analysis, and numerology readings.


You can use Keen’s interactive tool to find psychics with the skills and reading styles you need. You can search the company’s psychic directory by price, availability, user rating, and other factors. Like many of the best online psychic platforms, Keen lets you talk to online psychic readers for free for the first three minutes. However, the company does not offer free psychic reading.

Keen offers a special deal for new customers- 10 minutes for $1.99. It is a fair way to try out one or more psychic counselors. Also, Keen has the most experienced love psychic readers online if you want help making big decisions in your life.

The company has been reliable and trustworthy since 1999. So far, more than 35 million psychic readings have been done on the platform, which shows how reliable it is. You can therefore be assured of an accurate psychic reading with Keen. Anyone in the world can use this site to talk to a psychic. But the company’s main psychic medium is through written messages in English, their main language. With Keen’s long list of psychic advisors, you might be able to find one who speaks your native language. Some also offer phone readings for people who would rather hear than read them on paper.


  • Highly private and confidential
  • Over 1,700 screened online psychics
  • Refunds for unsatisfactory service
  • User-friendly web and mobile platform
  • Affordable phone psychic readings
  • You can get readings via phone, chat, or email


  1. Few specialties that stand out
  2. Does not support video chat

Why We Recommend

Keen offers you the best value for money with a customer satisfaction guarantee. A 10-minute online psychic chat costs $1.99 and is fully refundable if you are unsatisfied. The company also has some of the best chat psychics available via online chat, making them flexible and reliable.

#5. PsychicOZ : Accurate Tarot Reader For Career & Love Readings



PsychicOz is one of the best sites for psychic predictions. The site has several mediums that give customers the freedom to choose what works best for them. PsychicOz boasts over 20,000 good customer reviews, showing the site’s quality psychic predictions.

You can use your computer or phone to access the chat psychic reading platform. The company allows you to try both the phone and live psychics on the platform and choose the best option for your budget. PsychicOz does not have a mobile app, but its website is easy to use and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The online psychic source does not offer video readings, but you can get readings via calls, chat, or email. The platform also has cheap psychics for you with a tight budget. Also, you can use the platform’s email option if you do not need to get your psychic predictions immediately.


Most of the psychic readers on the platform give good readings using tools like tarot cards and crystal balls. If you think there are spiritual beings around us and want to talk to them, a crystal ball or tarot card reading is the best way to do it. PsychicOz’s live psychics also offer love readings, energy healing, fortune-telling, and past life readings.

There are good search tools on the online platform that help you find the best psychic source. The online psychic source also allows you to rate your reader after receiving services. The rates you give will be visible to other customers and help them decide if the psychic is a good fit for their needs.


  • Different ways to get online psychic readings
  • The blog’s new posts cover interesting spiritual topics
  • Free for the first five minutes
  • Good tarot card readings
  • Has a group forum for clients to share their experiences
  • Choose psychics based on different criteria


  • Has no mobile apps
  • Does not offer free psychic readings online

Why We Recommend

PsychicOz has made a good-name psychic world with many accurate readings in fortune-telling and tarot card readings, among others. The platform offers a free five-minute session to its new customers, which is rare in the psychic world. PsychicOz also gives you psychic readings by phone if you run on a tight schedule.

How We Made Our List Of Psychic Reading Services

Even though there are more online psychic reading platforms and psychic readers, it’s getting harder for customers to find and choose the best psychic reading websites from the many that exist. You must know what to look for to find the best online psychic reading sites. There are many of the best online psychics; however, the top ones can be expensive. Also, many declare that they are psychics, but many of them are not reliable.

Hence, we looked for the following factors while enlisting the best online psychic reading platforms:

The best online psychic reading websites have various contact methods through which you can see your psychic readers. Most of the time, you can talk to the best psychics by phone, chat, or video. The availability of flexible contact options also makes choosing the best method for your needs easier.

We selected psychic reading sites with various contact methods available through which psychic readers can deliver proper tarot readings. We also considered methods to make you comfortable throughout online tarot readings and psychic reading sessions.

  • Psychic Selection Process

The quality of staff working in an online psychic reading platform is its main selling point. Best psychic readers undergo careful screening to guarantee they are competent and fit for the job. If a psychic reading site only has tested readers, customers are more likely to get accurate readings from any of them.

Also, the best websites for accurate psychic readings let customers check out the readers before choosing one. On Psychic Source, for example, you can look at each reader’s ratings, customer reviews, bio, and other information. With this information, it will be easier for you to find the best psychics for your needs.

  • Discounts and Special Offers

Costs for online psychic reading sites usually vary from platform to platform and psychic to psychic. Most readers only charge $1 per minute, while others charge more. The best online psychic reading sites offer different services at different prices. Customers can therefore choose psychics who fit their budget.

In our research, we selected affordable online psychic reading services. Furthermore, they offer free psychic readings and other benefits. The psychic reading websites provide free trials for new consumers to discover if the spiritual readings suit them. You can also find sites that offer special bargains, like a 10-minute online psychic reading at Keen for $1.99.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Reading Services

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most services to go online. Psychic readings are not left out since the best tarot readings are now done online. Web-based psychic readings are perfect for people who want to get advice without leaving their homes. Remember that psychics can use their skills no matter how or when they talk to you, whether over the phone, in a chat room, or person.

Reading in person is for people who do not mind going out and commuting to meet their psychic readers. However, it can be time-consuming and demanding. Face-to-face meetings must be set up, which is usually hard to do because of time limitations. However, this does not apply to an online tarot reading. Seekers and readers have started using digital platforms because they are easier and more convenient.

You might be nervous or afraid to talk to the reader sitting in front of you. It could make it harder for you to open up about your problems. Because online psychic readings are anonymous, you can be honest and open with your reader without worrying about being judged.

Even though online psychic readings are more efficient, It all depends on what you are most comfortable with. Of importance also is what you want from your psychic readings.

FAQs: Online Psychic Reading Platforms

  1. Are free psychic readings worth your time?

Free psychic readings online are 100% real and worth giving a try. Most people do not know that you must ask the right questions to get accurate results and helpful answers. When you get a psychic reading, ask the important questions and make a list of what you want to tell the expert. Also, these sites guarantee that they hire the best psychic readers so you can be safe from scammers.

  1. Does online psychic reading require privacy?

Some readings can include more than one person, but online psychics usually prefer to talk to people in person. For your online psychic reading, you and your psychic advisors must connect, give each other full attention, and be honest.

  1. Are tarot readings accurate?

Chat psychic readings are not as good as phone psychic readings. It is because chat psychics are less personal and involve less real-time interaction. But that does not mean that they are not effective. Many app users prefer text-based lessons to predictions shared over the phone or in real-time because they are more private.

Final Thoughts: Top Psychics For First Free Minutes Psychic Interactive Sessions

As with most things in life, you may have to try a few services before finding the best. If you think you need a spiritual or psychic advisor, you should take the time to find the right one. Psychic reading online could be a great way to start finding answers to any questions about your life. When you get a tarot reading online, you can get helpful information that can change your life.

Getting free psychic advice has never been easier or more accessible than it is now. Regardless of the questions you have, a free psychic reading could be a great way to start finding answers. If you need to know more about your future, you can try one of these sites.

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