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Tens of thousands of mail order girlfriends search for Western men. Overseas brides from all over the world use international dating services—but finding a foreign woman is a bit more complex than just signing up on a mail order brides catalog. Here, we’ll tell you everything about foreign brides.

How to meet women for international dating?

According to online immigration service RapidVisa, more than 55% of K-1 applicants met online. This isn’t surprising—online dating is much more convenient, fast, and cheap than going to a foreign country and trying to find the right woman there.

However, you can’t just pick any mail order brides and International dating platform and start using it—unfortunately, there are lots of sites that are just not worth your time and money. Here, you’ll find the best services which are definitely worth the registration!

  • BravoDate is one of the best international dating sites—fast interface, instant messaging, and lots of beautiful women from Ukraine, Russia, and other Slavic countries. On BravoDate, you can create a profile and browse the profiles of mail order girls for free, but credits are required to communicate with girls for International dating ($10 for 20 credits, $150 for 750 credits).
  • CuteAsianWoman—a simple service with lots of Asian mail order brides and with a very simple interface. The search filters are numerous (and free-to-use!), the stickers are very convenient, and the pre-written message ice-breakers can help you send the first message to a woman. If you’re going to send messages, you will have to buy credits ($16 for 2 credits, $400 for 100 credits).
  • EasternHoneys—one of the biggest and the best international dating sites with thousands of girls from China, Japan, and other Asian countries, with lots of messaging tools (live chat and email), with free registration, and with an easy-to-use interface. The number of free features isn’t that high—you can sign up and use search filters for free, but you’ll have to buy credits ($10 for 20 credits, $150 for 750 credits) to send messages.
  • UkraineBride4you—a big, fast, and easy-to-use mail order bride website focused on young girls from Eastern Europe seeking Western men. There are a lot of free options here—you can use search filters and browse profiles for free (free registration is included!), but you’ll need to buy credits to communicate with women ($8 for 2 credits, $400 for 100 credits).
  • La-Date—is a perfect Latin dating service with video calls, a good mobile app, a friendly interface, and without hidden fees. As always, you can sign up on this international dating platform for free, but you will need to pay to chat with foreign wives (2 credits cost $16 ($4 for new users), 100 credits cost $399).

What does “foreign bride” mean?

Wikipedia says that a mail order bride is a woman who lists herself in catalogs and is selected by a man for marriage—this definition is a bit outdated, but it’s mostly correct. Modern brides list themselves in mail order services and choose the partner among foreign men (Western men, typically) who expressed their affection toward them—that’s how it works in 2021.

Latin women, ladies for dating from Eastern European countries, and Asian brides are the most popular foreign women for men from the United States. Here, we’ll talk about them in more detail—but first, let’s take a look at foreign brides/online dating statistics.

Mail order bride statistics

Here’s the first fact you need to know: in 2020, almost 17,000 K-1 visas were issued to foreign brides—not all of them were mail order brides, of course, but according to the statistics, the majority of K-1 visa applicants met on dating sites.

We’ll talk about the biggest mail brides countries later—but the most popular regions are Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. However, when it comes to the mail order brides statistics, 2020 is not the best year to be analyzed.

Why? Because of the pandemic restrictions, of course.

Most USCIS offices were either closed or open with additional precautions in 2019 so there was a significant backlog regarding I-129F approval and other operations. The paperwork, interview, medical, and the whole K-1 process took extremely long in 2020—what took around 4-6 months in 2019, took 9-12 months a year later. That’s why 2019 will work much better when it comes to the mail order brides statistics.

In 2019, the number of mail order brides and new K-1 visa applicants was much higher—that year, almost 36,000 foreign applicants got a K-1 visa. Most of them were from Asia, Europe, and South America—and most of them were mail order brides.

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Best country for foreign wife

Asian, Latin, and Eastern European women are the most popular ladies among American men regarding mail order brides and mail order marriages. 


Mail order brides from Asia typically come from 3 countries: the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. 

Here are the 5 most popular Asian countries to find a foreign bride:

By the way, Asia is the most popular region for region-specific International dating platforms, such as EasternHoneys—the sites from this region account for more than 64% of all dating traffic (South America—14%, Europe—5%).

Latin America

There are lots of International dating services (e.g., LaDate) focused solely on ladies from South America. Why?

The thing is, Latin ladies are extremely popular among those who want to find a soul mate online.

Here are the top 5 Latin countries to find an online bride (we’ll include Mexico because even if it’s not geographically in South America, it’s often considered a Latin American country due to its population, language, culture, and roots):


When it comes to mail order brides from Europe, it’s almost never about internet brides from Western European countries—even though such countries as the UK and Germany are the top countries in terms of the number of K-1 visas, it usually has nothing to do with the mail order bride industry.

The mail order wives from Slavic countries (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus) are, however, extremely popular among American men who use foreign dating sites like BravoDate.

Here are the top 5 European countries to find a mail order wife:

How do international mail order brides work?

Here’s how it works for the absolute majority of American men who are searching for a wife online. First of all, it’s almost always about special “niche” dating websites—of course, some men meet Russian, Japanese, or Colombian mail order brides on Facebook, Instagram, or even through the online game.

But the point is, it’s much easier to find a foreign woman using the services that were designed for international dating—so if you’re going to find a foreign wife online, we highly recommend focusing on specialized dating services.

However, it’s not that simple because there are several types of paid and free mail order brides sites. Let’s talk about them here.

Types of mail order bride services

Dating websites? Mail order brides services? Marriage agencies? All these platforms are different, they all have different features, communication tools, and different goals. 

Online dating platforms

These are the classic dating websites, but for those who are interested in foreign girls. These dating websites are not focused on long-term relationships, and there are no guarantees that you’ll find a woman who is searching for a foreign husband on such websites.

The main advantage of such platforms is that you can easily find a girl for a short-term relationship or even for a one-night stand on them. On the other hand, such sites are probably not the right option for you if you’re searching for something really serious.

As for the features and tools, it’s simple—typically, online dating services only have a live chat and a simple messaging tool. Video calls and voice calls are usually not that common when it comes to international dating websites.  And of course, such sites are usually not that expensive—but that’s obvious, taking into account the amount of features and services they offer.

Mail order brides services

Unlike international dating platforms, these sites will work much better for those who have serious intentions. Again, there are no guarantees you’ll find a bride online using these sites—but the chances are much higher that the girl you’ll meet on such a platform will be looking for something more serious than just chat.

Another benefit of the legit mail order brides platforms is the assortment of features and communication tools—most of these sites (e.g., CuteAsianWoman) have a great instant messaging tool with a lot of options and settings. What’s more, mail order bride websites sometimes have a voice call feature or even a video chat tool that make them even more convenient for long-distance dating (just don’t expect these features to be free, of course).

Very detailed profiles, high response rate, real and virtual gifts, very detailed search filters—mail order bride websites are truly the best option for those who want to find a mail order girlfriend online.

What’s more, they are not that expensive—especially when compared to the next option.

International marriage agencies

These are the top, the most expensive, and the most “premium” option for those who are searching for a mail order bride. Remember we’ve talked about the “women who list themselves in catalogs” at the very beginning? These marriage agencies are the closest modern-day equivalent of those catalogs.

The main problem of such agencies is the price. You can’t just buy credits and start chatting with women here—you can only pay to view the catalog, to choose the woman you like most, and to meet her in her country.

Yes, you got it right—you can’t chat with a mail order bride before you meet her if you use a marriage agency. What’s more, the cost of the services offered by such agencies is usually extremely high—while the mail order brides websites typically cost around $50-$100 per month, these agencies may charge up to $5,000 for a so-called “romance tour”. Another disadvantage—along with the cost—is that there are still no guarantees that you’ll find the right mail order bride even if you buy the most expensive romance tour.

So taking into account all the above-mentioned, mail order brides websites look like the best option for those who want to find a wife online. Free sites can be a good choice, too—but only if you’re searching for something not that serious. Marriage agencies… It’s up to you. 

Do international marriages work?

The shortest possible answer to this questions is “yes, they work”. To help you understand it’s a real thing, we’ll show you some statistical facts on international relationships, online dating, and mail brides.


Most women who apply for a K-1 visa are 25-29 years old. The most popular nationalities are Ukrainians, Russians, Filipinas, and Indonesians—almost half of the K-1 visa applicants from these countries first met through a dating website.

An average man looking for a mail order bride is a Caucasian man (more than 60% of sponsors are white) in his 40s (42 years old is the median age of a K-1 visa sponsor). 15% of sponsors are African-Americans and 14% of them are Latino. Typically, an average sponsor is a driver, a business owner, or a retired individual (although there are lots of doctors and financial advisors among sponsors, too). The median income of a sponsor is $45,000 per year (but almost 15% of sponsors make more than $8,000 per month).

Divorce statistics

According to an old study, the marriages arranged through mail-bride services have a much lower divorce than the national average (only 20%). The newer studies prove this statement (although the numbers are less impressive)—thus, the divorce rates in the marriages among a Russian woman and an American man are between 35.8-41.3%, while the overall divorce rate in the US is much higher (48%).

Are foreign brides legal?

Yes—the mail bride industry is regulated by IMBRA and WAVA. IMBRA (the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005) protects foreign mail brides, informs them about the criminal/domestic violence histories of their partners, and tells them about their legal rights. The point of WAVA is, in turn, to protect the brides from domestic violence, abuse, and sexual violence.

Getting a foreign bride to the US: a step by step guide

First you meet her on one of the mail order brides websites/Facebook/Tinder/etc. Then, you meet her in person—this is an extremely important step because if a K-1 applicant has never met a sponsor in person, she/he will not be able to get a K-1 visa.

After that, you can get your wife to the US. The K-1 visa process is a bit more complex:

  1. You’ll have to file the I-129F form (petition for alien fiance) with USCIS.
  2. You’ll need to include such documents as your passport, foreign passport, certificates of divorce, sworn statements, and passport-style photos.
  3. You’ll also have to prove that your relationship is bona fide—to do this, you will need to include the pictures of you together, the flight records, the hotel reservations, the emails, etc.
  4. Your bride will have to file the form DS-160 (online non-immigrant visa application) and send the confirmation page to the embassy in her country.
  5. You will need to provide the form I-134 (affidavit of support), your tax returns, and copy of the I-129F package.
  6. After that, your bride will have to get a medical exam form and a police clearance certificate.
  7. Then, the interview—your bride will have to answer a few questions about herself, your relationship, and your plans.
  8. When everything is done, your bride can get to the US and get married!

How to find mail order brides?

  1. Choose a trusted and reputable mail order bride site like UkraineBride4you. Read the reviews, test the sites, and make sure the online dating platform is really worth the money. 
  2. Start chatting with foreign brides—the response rate is usually quite high on such websites, so you will surely get a lot of responses.
  3. Meet the foreign women in person. Make sure you save as many tickets/flight records/etc and make as many pictures as possible—that will help you later.
  4. Make a proposal and get her to the US—it’s not that hard if your relationship is genuine but it’s quite time-consuming.

How to avoid foreign bride scam?

First, let’s take a look at the most common types of scam:

  • “Send me money for…”—a classic, traditional romance scam. A woman asks you to send her money because of various reasons (accident, crisis, family issues, etc).
  • “Tell me more about yourself”—a more complex type of scam. Name, address, SSN, medical insurance number, credit card/bank account number—if you reveal personal information, you can become a victim of identity theft.

Now, let’s talk about how not to get scammed on mail order bride services.

Top 5 short tips to not get scammed on mail order bride sites

  • Don’t send money to the women you talk to on dating sites
  • Never reveal personal information
  • Always google the profile pictures of women
  • Only choose trusted mail order bride sites
  • Use a fake email address and Google Voice

It’s not that hard, actually—romance scammers are usually not that creative and smart, so if you ignore their demands, they’ll forget about you and move to the next potential victim. Just don’t forget that it all begins with a trusted mail order bride platform—if you choose a reputable site, you will most likely not meet any scammers on it.

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