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People being busy on social media for hours isn’t something new. With the discovery of the internet, social applications have been in demand, and a high ratio of children and adults use them daily.

Instagram is one such media platform where the account holder can post pictures or videos, share music, and chat with someone through its direct messaging feature. People can also make their accounts private on Instagram, which hides their posts from the public and random strangers. Anyone can access these personal profiles through the best Private Instagram Viewer available today.

Now that every person is fond of using this modern app for various reasons, some people, especially children, are more prone to falling prey to harmful activities through Instagram and other social media sites. Moreover, the messaging feature makes it evident for people who love chatting to talk with strangers on the internet. This can result in fraud and personal scams.

Therefore, the solution for all this mess is to use a private Instagram viewer. With these applications, you can quickly get inside someone’s locked Instagram account and view their pictures, stories, and text messages.

Anyone can use these spying apps to see the personal information of a person. Some people use them to check on their cheating partners, while others use them to keep up with a friend going through a mental breakdown. Similarly, a business owner may use it to know what his audience is up to and grow his business, while you may use it for legal uses or check the activity of your underage children. We prepared a list to help you choose one that will work for you.

Top 4 Private Instagram Viewer that Works In 2022:

  1. Glassagram – Overall Best Private Instagram Viewer For Android, Editor’s Pick
  2. uMobix – Top Rated Instagram Story Viewer App To See Insta Accounts Privately
  3. mSpy – Premium Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification
  4. Eyezy – Secure and Trusted Application to Hack Instagram Account

#1. Glassagram – Overall Best Private Instagram Viewer For Android, Editor’s Pick

Glassagram is the premium and go-to app for viewing private Instagram accounts. It was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals for the same purpose it serves today. First, they made it an Instagram tool where you can quickly see both private and public accounts. Later it got famous as a spying tool that helps you see through any locked profile.

Glassagram is a reputable and secure app. You can watch the pictures and videos from your private account, and your name won’t even show among the viewers. You can also take screenshots of the suspicious activities you might find in the respective account.

This app can’t run on Android and iOs devices. Moreover, it can also function on a computer, laptop, or tablet. Another great feature of Glassagram is that you don’t even need your own Instagram account to look into someone else’s. With this app, the only thing you need is the username of the target person. By filling it in, you can view their account activity without leaving a trace of your presence.

It is easy to download and operate and does not need any human verification or survey to get started. Thus, anyone can easily use it. Once inside the account, you can get any information you want. If you are a business owner and need to check on your audience’s preferences, Glassagram will help you with that. Similarly, if you are concerned about someone as a parent, friend, or partner, you can look for their safety with this app.

Other services include a 24/7 customer care team that helps you with any inconvenience. Lastly, if you are still unsure about Glassagram, you can get a demo version first. It will help you decide better and see which subscription plan suits you best.

Glassagram is currently recommended as the best online therapy by Island Now.


Safe and Secure: Your safety is the most crucial factor, and Glassagram prioritizes its protection. It is a 100% safe and secure app that protects your data from internet theft. It never shares your data with any third-party website. Thus, you can surf through many private Instagram accounts without any worry.

Easy Sign-up: Some people believe that spying apps are hard to operate. Well, that’s not the case with Glassagram. This app takes less than five minutes and is ready for use. After you have installed the app, you must set up your account and choose your subscription offer. After that, it will take only a couple of minutes before you can start browsing your favorite Instagram profiles.

Quick Updates: Are you worried about checking the concerned profile again and again for updates? Glassagram allows you to get notifications as real-time updates of the account you are spying on. The performance will refresh every 5 minutes to check for new updates. This way, you may get all the details about someone’s activities on time without missing anything.

Deleted Stories: Glassagram provides complete access to the inside of one’s Instagram account. Not only can you see the direct messages and posts, but you can also watch previous stories and replies. Moreover, you can also view the deleted stories on the target account with this latest technology.

Excellent for Business Promotion: You may know that Instagram does not allow you to look at the exact viewers’ list of the videos you posted. This protocol limits business owners from getting track of their audience. With Glassagram, you can watch the complete list of the people who watched your videos. This way, you can target them with relevant promotions to become your buyers.


  • 100% secure app
  • Hides your identity
  • 24/7 customer care
  • You can watch deleted stories too
  • Ideal for business
  • Real-time updates
  • Ease of accessibility


  • Some features are limited

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Glassagram

#2. uMobix – Top Rated Instagram Story Viewer App To See Insta Accounts Privately


If you are a parent who’s worried about his child’s online interests, this tool is for you. With uMobix, you can keep track of your child’s activities and restrict any inappropriate content on it, all of this with 100% security guaranteed. This platform is easy to use to view private Instagram accounts.

The internet is full of threats that can be harmful to your children. In these times of technology, it has become more evident than ever to shield your children from the hazards of the internet. uMobix is an app for smartphones and tablets that lets you spy on forty-one social media sites from a single device.

The most notable feature of uMobix is its ability to provide access to almost every social media platform. The app provides complete details of the user’s social account activities and gives you access to its functions. You can add or remove followers, change settings, and delete messages on the other person’s account without them knowing.

uMobix is an app with an easy user experience. However, you can check their demo or start right away if you are confident about using it. The demo is a free version of the app that you can try to see if it fulfills your needs before committing long-term. uMobix is easy to operate and functions in three easy steps. First, you need to register yourself and select a subscription plan. Then wait for the setup to install. Now, you can watch any social media profile and its DMs, photos, and stories. This is one the top online tools to download private Instagram photos online.

Although the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, you can perform a free check on the company’s website to see if it can operate on yours or not. One of the advantages of uMobix is that it does not require access to the target’s mobile if it is an iPhone.


Diverse Features: Keeping social applications aside, uMobix also allows you to track non-social mobile applications like the device’s location, calendar, SIM calls, and text messages. In this manner, you can know where your child has been and their plans. Moreover, you can also go through the complete model details from the settings and other non-social apps like Gallery and Phonebook.

Can Spy Upto 30 Apps: Apart from Instagram, you can spy on other social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. uMobix can help you spy on more than 30 social applications on the target’s device. So, if your child’s Instagram is clean, you can keep an eye on other platforms like Snapchat to ensure they are using the internet safely.

Compatibility: You can install uMobix on both Android and iOS devices. Plus, it allows you to check profiles across devices. You can install it on any device using iCloud. All you need is the iOS credentials of the other person, and you’re good to go. For example, if your child has an iPhone while you have an Android, you can still spy on his social media through this app. Although it works on most devices, its official website has a “check” button where you can insert your device’s model and see if it is compatible. If this doesn’t help, you can always ask the customer service for assistance.

Access to Modify Function: Like reputable spying apps, uMobix allows you complete access to your child’s social media account. This means you can view it and change any harmful activity you detect on the target’s profile. In this way, you can remove anonymous users or vivid accounts that may be present in your child’s profile. Hence, you can protect your child from any unwanted threats soon before they affect them.


  • Premium social media spying app
  • Protects data privacy
  • Spy on over 30 social applications
  • Track location with GPS
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS


  • Not the best features for Android

⇒ Visit the Official Website of uMobix

#3. mSpy – Premium Private Instagram Viewer Without Human Verification


Need to check someone’s private Instagram and also get details of their whereabouts? Then this app is definitely for you. Gone are the old days when you had to note down your child’s every move to justify your suspicions. Now, with mSpy, you can get all the information at your fingertips without putting a tracker on them. This instagram private profile viewer, also allows users to view hidden Instagram profiles. With mSpy app, it helps you track your child’s (or anyone’s) Instagram activity and GPS location.

The number of positive reviews this app receives has increased significantly. The key reason for the rising popularity of mSpy is its high-quality services and protection. Moreover, this app also allows you to use a screen recorder when it’s running. Thus, you can view your child’s actions and record anything suspicious.

It has an easy user interface and a straightforward method of functioning. Anyone with a basic knowledge of smartphones can install and use this app. Once you have downloaded the app and selected your plan, just follow a few general guidelines, and your mSpy account will be ready to use in no time.

mSpy has a unique system of 24/7 services. A client care team is available on the app to help you with your queries. The qualified representatives are always up-to-date about the latest tricks and answer your questions on time. You can also contact the company through helplines if anything goes wrong.


Works From the Shadows: This app’s unique yet brilliant feature that separates it from other competitors is its ability to work undercover. This means that the app does not appear on the person’s device when you spy on someone. They can’t see that you have installed mSpy on his smartphone or tablet.

Manipulate Actions: Amazingly, mSpy not only gets you inside your child’s Instagram but also gives you the full authority to perform actions. This way, if you suspect anything is going wrong in your child’s social activities, you can protect them and prevent them from causing any harm. For instance, you can delete rubbish texts or block strangers on the target’s profile. Remember, mSPy provides all this without letting your child know anything about it.

New Features: One of its improved features is seeing deleted messages, calls, and even posts on the target app. Another great feature that makes mSpy a burden for competitors is that you can use a screen recorder and record anything that you find harmful on your kid’s device. In this manner, if you suspect any illegal activity on a suspect’s phone, you can record it for future proof.

Privacy Protection: When using mSpy, forget the worry of getting your data stolen. This app promises customer privacy protection and never shares your data with any third-party source. All the data you put out in the app is locked through encryption and is inaccessible to anyone except the host. Moreover, mSpy never asks for personal information like your home address or bank details. All you need is your name, email address, and the username of the target account.


  • Easy user interface
  • Privacy encryption
  • Can screen record
  • View deleted data
  • Easy GPS tracking
  • Free first trail
  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone
  • 24/7 customer support team


⇒ Visit the Official Website of mSpy

#4. Eyezy – Secure and Trusted Application to Hack Instagram Account


eyeZy is yet another excellent phone monitoring instagram private account viewerapp suitable for parents wishing to track their children’s activities. In fact, this software was founded by parents who had similar concerns. Once they went through the need to check on their child, they realized how vital it is for parents to monitor their family’s internet activities.

At eyeZy, the manufacturers believe parenting requires keeping checks and making efforts for your children. This requires keeping a close eye on their surroundings and everyday habits, especially internet use. As Instagram is one of the most misused apps by youngsters today, eyeZy helps you manage your child’s activities on it.

Although the owners initially developed this app for parents, anyone can now use it for other uses, such as checking on a friend, for business purposes, or spying on an accused person. It provides safe and secure viewing of profiles without leaving a trace.

As this app was made specifically for parents, it has an easy user interface and is relatively straightforward. You just have to install it on your device, pay the subscription fee, and wait till the viewer links to the private profile and provides its data in no time.

EyeZy works on all kinds of devices and can track profiles from any phone. Its previous buyers have nothing but good things to say about this brand. They say that the app is budget-friendly and highly effective. With artificial intelligence, you get notified of every risky move your target makes. In addition, this latest technology enables you to check many devices in one go. It also makes the spying process quick and accurate.


Artificial Intelligence: At eyeZy, the team uses high-quality artificial intelligence to provide you with exceptional results. This feature makes it the best private Instagram viewer today. You get a notification if your child uses something illegal or explicit content on Instagram or any other social media.

Reasonable Price Range: Compared to other apps with the same features, eyeZy is one of the most budget-friendly Instagram viewers you can find today. Its basic plan requires less than $1 per day to get details about someone’s activity. This makes this app affordable for everyone and a highly compelling offer in terms of money.

Privacy Encryption: Another significant aspect of this app is that it takes complete responsibility for your data protection. Whether it be your location, account details, or the data of the target account, eyeZy protects all your information with bank-grade encryption. It means you can search through various private accounts without worrying about your data getting leaked.

Magic Alerts: Every brand has unique elements. At eyeZy, the special feature is its magic alerts system. With this feature, you can add restrictions on your child’s phone. For example, if you don’t want your child to open certain websites, you can set an alert for that. This way, you will get a notification whenever your child visits that site. These magical alerts make it easy to track your children’s actions and limit any bad behavior you might find.

All-in-one Solution: Some users claim that eyeZy is a one-stop shop for all their problems. Along with Instagram and social applications, you can see other data on the target’s phone. It includes their gallery, text messages and calls, the phone browser, location map, and calendar. Thus, if you want these benefits along with a private Instagram viewer, you should opt for eyeZy.


  • High-quality services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Bank-grade protection
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Provides updates on precautious activities
  • Affordable


  • It can’t work below Android version 4

⇒ Visit the Official Website of eyeZy

How We Made This List While Selecting The Best Private Instagram Viewer without Human Verification?

To narrow down the best private Instagram viewer for you, we made a list of the most influential and trustworthy spying apps. For this purpose, we searched online and went through several reviews and ranking factors to see the popular apps for this purpose. The Private Instagram Viewer apps allow you to see any private Instagram profiles or accounts, and to use, you need the URL or username of the targeted Instagram account .

As we wanted to enlist only the best brands for you, we made eligibility criteria for such apps to be on our list. Only those Instagram viewers that fulfilled the required elements made it to our inventory. The ranking factors we used included the brand’s credibility, effectiveness, security, ease of access, and finally, customer reviews.

What We Looked For

The company’s reputation is the first element we looked for in the best private Instagram viewer. A brand’s credibility says a lot about its products’ quality, services, and how it treats its customers. Well-known brands always have something good to offer. That’s why they enjoy good fame in the market. To check if you can depend on a brand or not, we read reviews that critics and the previous buyers had written. This way, you don’t have to spend much time finding reputable apps as they can be seen at the top of the list.

Another crucial factor in our criteria for the best private Instagram viewer is its efficacy. Once we know that a brand is reliable and trustworthy, we check how well it provides the desired benefits. Therefore, we included those apps and websites on our list that actually work. These apps have proven to be practical in terms of viewing not only a private Instagram profile but also keeping you anonymous of checking instagram stories & reels. Also, they offer the best features for the money, making them a successful platform.

What good is a spying app if it can’t promise the security of your personal data? Thus, we added softwares and brands that offer nothing less than 100% privacy protection of your data. Such apps usually have security settings or encryptions that ensure they will not share your details with any third-party platform. Moreover, secure apps never ask you to provide your personal information, such as your bank details. This ensures they have nothing to do with your details and only focus on their functionality.

We further shortlisted the brands in our list by checking the ease of access and the complexity of their functions. For this reason, we thoroughly read the buyer reviews and tested to see if they provide trouble-free services. That’s why all the apps in our list have a straightforward method to see someone’s private account. In addition, none of these apps require human verification or even ask you to spend money on some random survey. Those apps that ask you to do any such thing are likely fraudulent. They make you go through a long process that benefits them somehow.

Reading buyer reviews is an excellent way to confirm a brand’s quality of products. Clients find only those brands credible who provide them with what they are looking for. It also pays to check if the app has bugs or complex features that make the customers leave its services. Reading reviews from previous clients helped us confirm that these brands are reputable and worth trying.

Buying Guide: Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps From App Store

Though the apps mentioned above are perfect in terms of quality and results, you can always choose other apps of your choice. However, there are several factors we recommend you should consider before installing any specific viewer. Keeping these elements in mind will not only help you find a quality app but also save you from different scams and computer viruses.

First, you must determine why you need a private Instagram viewer. Different apps work best for various purposes. If you want to look over your child’s online activities, you should choose an app for that. Similarly, if you wish to spy over someone or see what your target audience is into, you must look for viewers who deal with this objective.

Similar to your objective, your demands should meet the app’s features. Some companies only deal with getting a glimpse of someone’s private account, while others provide the complete details inside a specific profile. This can include their posts, tags, messages, and current and previous stories. Therefore, it is crucial to note if the app delivers what you really want to see. Do you wish to see what someone is sharing over their insta, or do you also want a peek inside their DMs? Keep whatever you need to see in mind and consider what an app promises before selecting one.

The most crucial factor to look for in a private Instagram viewer is the safety of your credentials. Before choosing any random insta viewer, ensure that the app does not save or transfer your account data or the private profile to any third party. In addition, whatever app you select, ensure it protects your details and location. Apart from that, always go for the apps that are safe to use. You can check this by looking for the brand’s market value and genuine buyer reviews regarding its features. Beware of faulty apps or websites as they can introduce a virus to your computer.

The valuable and worthy brands charge money for viewing private Instagram profiles. Here, you can compare the essential cost of different apps to see what offer suits you the best. Go for the apps that provide quality service with less fee. Moreover, do not rush to buy an offer and ensure that there are no hidden charges. The top four apps on our list have affordable payment plans and are free from hidden charges.

  • Customer Support and Services

Go through the official website of each app and see the customer support they provide. Some brands deliver several services in a basic payment plan, while others have petty features. Additionally, reputable companies always offer 24/7 customer support. This helps you contact the brand’s team through email, telephone, or the official website that connects you with a customer representative immediately. Besides, an easy-to-operate webpage, a clear usage guide, and a detailed FAQ section are a cherry on top. Credible companies never hesitate to deliver these fundamental aspects.

FAQs Regarding Instagram Private Account Viewer

Q1. What does a private Instagram account mean?

Instagram is a social application that allows you to post pictures or videos. Every person has to make an Instagram account to do so. However, people who wish to share their media with their friends only can set their profile to “private.” This means that no one can view what you share on your social account except your followers.

Those with a private Instagram account are safe from stalkers and other random strangers. If you wish to see their pictures, you must send them a follow request first. If they accept your submission, you will only be able to see their posts. On the other hand, you can watch posts of people with a public profile without sending them a follow request. Thus, if you have a knack for keeping your pictures private, you can also set a remote lock to your Instagram profile.

Q2. How can I view private Instagrams easily?

To view a private Instagram profile, send a follow request to the respective account and wait for them to accept your request. You can also send a message to the profile holder asking him to accept your request. If they still don’t approve you as a follower, you can make a fake or anonymous account and try sending follow requests from it.

Yet, if none of these techniques work, the last option left is getting help from a private Instagram viewer app. Such applications and websites are experts in getting inside a locked Instagram account and making all their posts visible to you. They are easy to use and provide you with results in no time. However, to choose the best private Instagram viewer, you can see the above list of reputable companies or thoroughly review the buying factors before selecting another one. These apps are proven effective and provide complete security for your personal details.

Q3. Does a private Instagram viewer really work?

Different brands and software houses have developed private Instagram viewers that helps you peek inside someone’s locked Instagram profile. Apart from some faulty ones, the apps developed by reputable companies always deliver successful results. They work wonders and let you get inside the target’s other social apps too.

However, not all Instagram viewers work. Some false ones charge you so much money and do not deliver the desired benefits. In fact, you may come across some apps that claim to be free. Beware of such apps as installing them may install viruses on your device. A private Instagram viewer is a service or software that can assist you with being able to view private Instagram profiles. Therefore, choosing a viewer that really works depends on keeping some quality factors in mind. These factors include checking the brand’s reputation, services, their safety terms and reading previous clients’ reviews to see if it provides desired results or not.

Q4. Is Using a Private Instagram Profile Viewer Ethical?

Although it is not considered ethical to view someone’s private profile, the debate depends upon the reason for doing so. If you are using a private Instagram viewer to spy on or disturb someone’s personal life, it is illegal to use such apps. We do not recommend doing so in any way.

However, if you want to keep a check on some like your children or a friend going through a mental crisis, you may take help from private viewers. More ethical uses of the spying apps include checking on a suspect or watching your audience’s preferences for your business growth. Thus, you should only use private Instagram viewer applications for similar legal and ethical reasons.

Q5. How does a private Instagram viewer work?

Several private Instagram viewers are available online, and each works differently from the others. Some require installing them on the target’s smartphone, while others are web applications that you can visit simply using any browser. Once you get your hands on a viewer that really works, you can read its instructions and ease of use on the official website. Some ask you to provide a human verification that requires spending money on things online or filling out a survey. Others, like that on our list, need you to buy a subscription package depending upon the services.

Once you have installed the application and made your payment, it asks you to provide the username of the private Instagram you wish to view. After that, the app takes a few minutes to load the data, and just like that, you can see the complete social profile of a person.

Q6. Who should use a private Instagram viewer?

Private Instagram viewer allows you to see posts and other data of a locked Insta profile. One can use it if the target account does not approve your following request. So, anyone who wishes to stalk someone’s photos can use a private Instagram viewer to do so.

You can use a private Instagram viewer for many right reasons. These include keeping an eye on an under-aged person or someone going through a mental crisis. People who wish to see if their partner is cheating on them can also use a private Instagram viewer. In addition, you may also use it if you suspect someone is doing an illegal act. However, there is an ethical value linked to its use. Invading someone’s privacy is considered immoral, whether it be online or in the real world. Therefore, we recommend refraining from it if you have no solid or righteous reason for using these apps.

Q7. How can I make my Instagram account private?

Only the people you have added to your network can see your new and old posts with a private Instagram account. To change your Instagram status to private, go to your profile and select the three dots in the top right corner. Here, you will see your account settings. Open it and scroll down to find the “Privacy” option.

Now, you will see a button named “Private Account.” Turn this button green to set your posts and pictures to the privacy settings. This way, any random person on the internet will not be able to see what you post. We recommend keeping your Instagram profile private for people who love their privacy. It’s important to make every effort to protect your privacy.

Concluding Thoughts: Know How To Use a Private Instagram Viewer for Social Security

Instagram is a popular social application that allows you to post pictures or videos online. As it is another fun application, it can have some drawbacks too. Your child can fall prey to the wrong company through this platform. Similarly, people can always cheat on their partners with someone through online chatting. A private Instagram viewer may be your way to ensure none of this happens to you.

To help you distinguish the best apps from the fake ones, we have prepared a list of top private Instagram viewers on the internet. These include four high-quality applications, with Glassagram being the best private Instagram viewer for its features and eyeZy being the best in terms of fees. Whether you want to check on your partner or keep track of your child’s activities, these private Instagram viewers will get all the details to you in no time. These apps are easy to operate, secure, and provide the best features.

If you wish to choose another spying app for this purpose, you can always do so. We have provided a buying guide with features you should look out for. Following the buying guide will help you to avoid scams.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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